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We Recap Almost Everything In The Future Games Show At E3 2021
We cap off the second day of E3 2021 this weekend with the Future Games Show, which packed double the entries it normally does There were over 45 games revealed or talked about during this showcase, a number of them repeat from previous shows we won't cover, but a good chunk of them were new[...]
Daedalic Entertainment Reveals Three New Games They'll Be Publishing
During the Future Games Show this past week, Daedalic Entertainment revealed three new titles they'll be publishing this year The three games in question, some of you may already be familiar with as we've written them up before and they now have a steady publisher to release them They include the ink-based strategy game Inkulinati, the[...]
Team17 Presents Several Upcoming Titles At Future Games Show
During the Future games Show today, Team17 rolled out info on several games that they currently have released and new titles Normally we'd go one-by-one and highlight all the awesome stuff that's coming out, but they had so much and this show was so jam-packed, we're throwing it all in here with the official rundown[...]
Merge Games Reveals Details About Smalland At Future Games Show
Merge Games took time during the Future Games Show this weekend to reveal more details about their upcoming title Smalland The game has you as a human being shrunk down to the size of a pebble living in the wilderness and learning to survive as you are You will encounter all kinds of creatures in[...]