Daedalic Entertainment Reveals Three New Games They'll Be Publishing

During the Future Games Show this past week, Daedalic Entertainment revealed three new titles they'll be publishing this year. The three games in question, some of you may already be familiar with as we've written them up before and they now have a steady publisher to release them. They include the ink-based strategy game Inkulinati, the chaotic co-op racing title Fling To The Finish, and the post-apocalyptic point-and-click game Life Of Delta. All three of these third-party titles have been in development for a while, and while none of them have set release dates, it was inducted we'd be seeing all three before year's end. You can read about all three below and check out their latest trailers.

Credit: Daedalic Entertainment
Credit: Daedalic Entertainment
Inkulinati by Yaza Games is a strategy game straight from medieval European manuscripts. Become a master of living ink, grow your bestiary of fantastical and hilarious creatures based on 700 year old illustrations and defeat your foes with strategy and trickery. Snails fighting knights fighting donkey bards fighting rabbits with spears is just the beginning of a journey into the art and humor of the middle ages.

SplitSide Games' cooperative/competitive fun-racer Fling To The Finish puts up to four teams of two players through colorful, chaotic obstacle courses while tethered by a stretchy elastic rope. Co-op partners can fling each other up ledges, swing around obstacles … or get hopelessly tangled. The game can be played solo, online, with local splitscreen or – for some close co-op encounters – by literally sharing the same controller.

A Daedalic lineup would not be the same without a point-and-click adventure. Life Of Delta by Airo Games is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are extinct and only derelict service robots and humanoid lizards survive. Follow the small robot Delta on a journey through 25 beautifully handcrafted levels and more than 50 mini-games while he searches for his lost friend and meets a cast of unique characters.

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