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Niantic Announces June 2021 Events Coming to Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO has announced its slate of events for June 2021, which will bring new Pokémon Galarian Slowpoke and Slowbro into the game… but that's not all Let's take a look at the upcoming events to see what information we can glean about the exciting future of Pokémon GO as the road to GO Fest 2021[...]
Tonight is the First Mega Raid Hour in Pokémon GO
The way that Shining Fates gives this line both the full Baby Shiny and V and VMAX treatment gives more of a complete feeling. Galarian Mr Mime, Galarian Mr Rime: Let's be honest here Cool Pokémon, but completely underwhelming Shinies. Next time, our spotlight on Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates continues! [...]
Galarian Weezing Raid Guide: Counter This Steampunk Pokémon
Who wears a top hat, chain-smokes, and dances around your phone screen? Nope, it's not your cringiest high school buddy's TikTok account: it's Galarian Weezing, the first Generation Eight Pokémon to ever appear in Pokémon GO Galarian Weezing, a Poison/Fairy-type Pokémon, is currently a Tier Four Raid Boss[...]
Grab some Galarian Pokémon in Sword and Shield soon.
New Galarian Pokémon Mystery Gifts are on their way to Pokémon Sword and Shield Ahead of the first expansion's release, The Isle of Armor, the games will be receiving new characters and items for free as a way to get players back into the groove of things You'll get a different Galarian Pokémon with a[...]