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Airhead Set For Release This February On PC & Console
Indie game developers Octato and Massive Miniteam, and publisher HandyGames, have revealed the official release date for their latest game, Airhead This is a Metroidvania puzzler game where you play an entity that is technically two parts come together It will be up to you to find a way to survive, find out how things[...]
Handy Games Announces New Title De-Exit - Eternal Matters
Indie developer SandBloom Studio and publisher HandyGames confirmed that DE-EXIT – Eternal Matters will be released on multiple PC platforms in April The game has been teased for a minute as the team are taking you through a journey of the afterlife that you can experience in an interesting cubist design The game will be[...]
Endling - Extinction Is Forever To Be Released In July
Herobeat Studios and HandyGames announced that Endling — Extinction Is Forever will be coming to mobile devices this February The game already saw a PC release earlier this year when it was dropped onto PC in July and has been earning great reviews since By all accounts, the mobile version will be the exact same[...]
Perish Announces Release Happening This February
Indie developer Item42 and publisher HandyGames announced this morning that Perish will be getting released in February This is a brand new brutalizing co-op game that will drag you into purgatory where so many things just want to tear you apart You will have to guide a character named Amyetri, who is a condemned spirit seeking the[...]
HandyGames Announces Lethal Honor - Order Of The Apocalypse
HandyGames revealed a brand new title on the way as they will be releasing Lethal Honor – Order Of The Apocalypse Developed by Viral Studios, this game will throw you into a mix of '80s dark age themes mixed with adult superhero graphic novels, all while you slay tons of eldritch creatures who have nothing[...]
Wreckfest Confirmed For Mobile Release This Year
Developer HandyGames confirmed they will be working to bring all of the excitement and gameplay from the primary game over to both iOS and Android The team did confirm there will be online multiplayer; however, no word yet as to whether or not they'll be able to do cross-platform play between PC and consoles when[...]
Endling - Extinction Is Forever To Be Released In July
HandyGames and developer Herobeat Studios have a formal release date for Endling – Extinction Is Forever as the game will come out in July This is a rather cute but also challenging game as you are a mother fox who is tending to her three young pups out in the wild You will need to[...]
Scarf Is Set To Be Released In Late December On PC
Uprising Studios and HandyGames announced the formal release date for their upcoming 3D platformer Scarf, coming in December This is a cool game in which you play a heroic puzzle solver who is aided by a sentient scarf shaped like a dragon The two of you will form a bond in which the scarf will[...]
One Hand Clapping Officially Has A December Release Date
Bad Dream Games and HandyGames announced this weekend that they now have an official release date for One Hand Clapping The game has already been out in Early Access for a short time as they have given you a problem-solving title in which you will actually use your own voice to make things happen All[...]
One Hand Clapping Will Launch In Early Access Next Month
It's an awesome and unique game that was developed by HandyGames, which was technically already released into Early Access on Stadia back in July 2020 Hopefully, this is a sign that the game will be moving away from those programs and getting a proper release sometime this year You can check out more about it[...]
Pile Up! Box By Box Will Be Released On Steam On March 18th
HandyGames and Seed By Seed have announced their next game, Pile Up! Box By Box, will be released on Steam next week This is one of the cutest games you'll ever see about cardboard boxes, specifically shipping boxes in this 3D co-op platformer where you have to get yourself from one end of the map[...]