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Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans Gets a New Trailer, and Some New Faces
Regular Bleeding Cool readers may have heard me go on abot how the TV version of Horrible Histories is one of the greatest contrbutions to modern British popular culture in recent decades A kids educational programme made up of comedy sketches set across human history, and some killer songs to boot, it put together a[...]
In Praise Of… Jim Howick
I first became properly aware of Jim Howick, as many British parents and children did, through his star comedy performance over five years of the sketch show Horrible Histories His King Richard III still sticks out "Can you imagine it, I'm the last Plantagenet" As does his role as Douglas Barder in the history of the Battle Of[...]
For One Night Only, The USA Get A Showing Of 'Bill'
Bill, a comedy about Shakespeare's missing years tells the story of how he moved from being a member of a lutist boy band called Mortal Coil (he shuffled off, obviously) to becoming the world's greatest playwright, by way of a Catholic plot to kill the Queen. From the acting and writing troupe who brought Britain the utterly[...]
'Bill' Is My Favourite Film Of The Year – But It's Not Being Released In The USA
It was called Horrible Histories and it was extraordinary It won a BAFTA Children's Awards with its first series in 2009 and then won Best Sketch Show in the British Comedy Awards the next year, beating all the shows meant for adults It was truly brilliant, irreverent, silly, clever, and often moving, representing the history of[...]
Paddington Is Love Actually Meets Brazil
And for my older daughter, emphasised her appreciation for "the actor". And there are plenty of familiar faces, though mostly for a British audience, three from Horrible Histories have roles, folk from All At Sea turn up, Matt Lucas plays a wonderfully loquacious Cokk-er-ney cab driver, as well as the now-internationally renowned Hugh Bonneville and the[...]
Yonderland, A British TV Series To Utterly Fall In Love With
You may have seen me express my love for the Children's BBC show Horrible Histories on Bleeding Cool before Well that show that educated both myself and my children about the everyday Tudor use for excrement and won every award going in the process came to an end last year, They'd basically run out of[...]
A List Of Recent-ish British TV On DVD And Stuff For Bleeding Cool's Boss
A second series has aired and a third with Karen Gillen is on the way. Available on Region 2 DVD now. The Revolution Will Be Televised [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Mh39H4hBzc[/youtube] A sketch show that often hijacked real events to play out its silliness, involving real politicians being leapt upon in public and left to counter the satirical mess placed in their hands. First[...]