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Tin Can Confirmed For Release On All Three Major Consoles
Indie developer Tin Can Studio, and publisher IndieArk, have confirmed that their space survival sim Tin Can will be coming to all three major consoles soon The game was originally released for PC back in May 2022, as you attempt to keep your tiny vessel in one piece out in the middle of space, where everything[...]
Backpack Hero Will Be Released For Early Access This May
Indie developer Jaspel and publishers Different Tales and IndieArk revealed that Backpack Hero will be leaving Early Access this May In what feels like a very epic item management title, the game will have you running around as a literal packrat, collecting items as you go and using them at key moments to survive, solve puzzles, and[...]
Terraformers Will Release Into Early Access In Late April
Asteroid Lab, along with publishers IndieArk and Goblinz Publishing, confirmed this past week that Terraformers will be coming out in early March The game's primary goal will have you transforming the surface of Mars into a living habitat, complete with water and spaces for a society to thrive, but forming the society itself so that[...]
Siege Of Dungeon Launches Into Steam's Early Access
Indieark and developer Binary Tree Studio have revealed their plans to updating Siege Of Dungeon while the game is in Early Access The team revealed a brand new roadmap of what they intend to do with the game as they slowly make their way to fully releasing the game down the road. Credit: IndieArk As you can[...]
Siege Of Dungeon Launches Into Steam's Early Access
IndieArk and FirePilar2, along with developer Binary Tree Studio, have released an Early Access version of Siege Of Dungeon for Steam The game mixes elements of RPG and dungeon crawling, and roguelite mechanics as you will explore a mysterious castle that just showed up one day You are one of the many soldiers who are[...]
Travellers Rest Adds New Massive Holiday Update
Indie developer Isolated Games and publisher IndieArk have given Travellers Rest a massive update adding in new holiday content The update gives players a few new things to work with including a brand new tavvern map in the north end of the area, winter terrain that will be around during the event, and new Czech language[...]