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So Who Is Pip The Troll, Anyway?
Jim Starlin would revive him decades later in the nineties Silver Surfer comic, before joining the Warlock and the Infinity Watch team, with occasional Infinity Germ-related appearance since. Pip was once Prince Gofern of the planet Laxidazia, in the Dolenz System, in the Milky Way Galaxy He was originally an alien of the Laxidazian race who[...]
Wolverine and Loki Team Up in Wolverine: Infinity Watch in February
If you thought Marvel's favorite Mary Sue, Wolverine, was overpowered before, what would you say if he possessed the Infinity Gauntlet? In a press release on, Marvel revealed a new mini-series launching in February, Wolverine: Infinity Watch On the cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Wolverine's claws can be seen extruding from the titular gauntlet, implying[...]
Infinity Wars #1 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin
On Earth, Doctor Strange has called a meeting of the new Infinity Watch It includes the current possessors of the Infinity Stones and their allies Star-Lord, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon have the Power Stone, Captain Marvel the Reality Stone, Adam Warlock, Drax, and Iron Lad the Soul Gem, Black Widow the Space Stone, Doctor Strange[...]
A New Infinity Watch to Be Launched? [Infinity Countdown #5 Spoilers]
Bleeding Cool ran an article on rumours of a new Infinity Watch comic book to follow the upcoming Infinity Wars series from Marvel Comics It ended up in the Checklist and everything Classically, Infinity Watch was Adam Warlock's team, assembled to guard the Infinity Gems, one person controlling one gem Well, now thanks to the[...]
Marvel To Publish 'Guardians Of Infinity' (Confirmation UPDATE)
Could the members wield one each like the Infinity Watch of the nineties? Or could they be more cosmically powered beings, possibly including Starbrand and Nightmask as already teased? Or could it be the Infinity Watch from Uncanny Avengers that had both original Watch members and classic Guardians Of The Galaxy members?  Led by Immortus, it includes Captain Marvel,[...]
Could The New Infinity Watch Be The Old Guardians Of The Galaxy?
Answering questions on CBR, Rick Remender gave an answer to the following question.  I have to say — when you showed Immortus's Infinity Watch, my heart skipped a beat The idea of you writing Adam Warlock makes me indescribably happy Do you have any plans to write anything with cosmic characters, or have you at least ever[...]