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I Am Batman #0 Sketches
At the end of The Next Batman: Second Son, we got to see the Batman costume that Jace Fox had discovered in one of his father's old basements In August's new series, I Am Batman, we see Jace Fox hitting the streets of Gotham in the new suit, being the Next Batman, and all part[...]
DC Comics
But her attempt to protect her son, Jace Fox, may come to naught. The Next Batman: Second Son #8 And this week in the new Next Batman: Second Son #8 we learn more about who this Enrique Acevedo is The solicitation reads "What tragic event on  Jace Fox's 17th birthday forever altered the course of his young[...]
Tamara Fox's Fate Setting Up Next Batman Future State (Spoilers)
His work was repurposed into the near-future-set Future State: The Next Batman for DC Future State, and he also has a digital-first series, Second Son looking at Jace Fox's rise to taking over Bruce Wayne, set in current DC Comics continuity as laid out by James Tynion IV. Next Batman: Second Son #1 And leaving us to[...]
Next Batman #2
And that Tim Fox – Jace Fox – was Batman The next Batman Okay, that was made clear by PR rather than the comic book itself, but today's Next Batman #2 from DC Comics fixes that. The Next Batman #2 artwork But we get more information regarding the legal background, Tanya Fox' relationship with Mayor Nakano, and[...]
The Next Batman #1 Spoilers
Maybe issue 2 out in a couple of weeks? Credit: DC Welcome all to Jace Fox, The Next Batman This would have been the shape of Batman going forward originally when Dan DiDio was publisher of DC Comics, now it's just a four-issue, two-month fill-in set in the near future But with Jace Fox returning to the[...]
Death Metal #7 - First Appearance Of Yana Flor, Wonder Woman?
Many folks are planning on picking up Future State: Wonder Woman #1, out from DC Comics tomorrow, for the first appearance of Yara Flor, the new Brazilian Wonder Woman, who will appear as Wonder Girl from now on into the DC Omniverse. Many folks are also excited about Future State: The Next Batman featuring the first[...]