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Star Trek
Vanity Fair lined up a number of actors featuring Seth MacFarlane, Kevin Pollack, Jason Alexander, Jim Carrey, John Belushi, Bill Nye, Bruce Campbell, and Sam Levine. Image: Screencap William Shatner on Celebrity Star Trek Impressions of Him During the introduction, Shatner acknowledges how others create a caricature on how he speaks With MacFarlane's impression on Real Time with[...]
So get ready to meet Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Kramer (Michael Richards), and George (Jason Alexander) when… what's that? You already know who they are? Because Seinfeld actually aired on NBC in the 1990s? Oh, okay! Let's clarify a little Starting this October, all 180 episodes of the classic sitcom will be new[...]
Seinfeld Reunion Sans Jerry Hosted by Texas Democrats
Participating are stars Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine Benes), Jason Alexander (George Costanza), and co-creator Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) Not participating (or at least advertised) is actor-comedian Jerry Seinfeld, which the series is based on his stand-up, and Michael Richards (Kramer), who's likely persona non-grata due to his controversial stand-up tirade. Jason Alexander as George Costanza[...]
Watch The Trailer For New Comedy Faith Based, Releasing October 9th
It stars Luke Barnett, Tanner Thomason, Margaret Cho, David Koechner, Lance Reddick, Christoph Sanders, Carly Craig, Richard Riehle, Marlon Young , Danielle Nicolet, Lisa Schwartz, Chris Mann, Chris Marquette, Danny Woodburn, and Jason Alexander The film is about two down on their luck slackers who decide to make a faith based film to prove that[...]
The Orville - Ja'loja
First, Ed (Seth MacFarlane) in a moment of self loathing talking to bartender Olix (Jason Alexander) It turns out the captain still can't get over his unresolved feelings for his first officer, his ex-wife, Kelly Greyson (Adrianne Palicki). Second, Gordon Malloy (Scott Grimes) is infatuated with a new science officer (Alicia Leigh Willis), but struggles to[...]
Jason Statham Has Gambling And Mob Problems In Wild Card
When a friend is beating by a thug, he helps her get revenge only to find out that the thug is the son of a powerful mob boss and now Nick is on the run. The film also stars Michael Angarano, Milo Ventimiglia, Sofía Vergara, Hope Davis, Stanley Tucci, Anne Heche, Dominik García-Lorido, and Jason Alexander[...]