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From Strip To Script – Bone #1
As you might be able to divine from that being my first comic, I grew up, uh, '90s US Comics Orthodox? Which mainly meant Marvel and DC comics, if I could find them, which was rare…mostly it meant growing up on the X-Men and Batman cartoons, Toy Biz X-Men toys, and various beat 'em ups[...]
At Last, Here Comes Grant Morrison's Miracleman, With Joe Quesada..
15. It will be the first new Miracleman/Marvelman story officially published since the last published issue of the Eclipse run by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. Depending on whether you count those issues of Spawn with  Michael Moran and the Man Of Miracles, of course. The annual will also contain a new story by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred; and[...]
Bone Flies The Flag For CBLDF Guide To Comic Book Censorship
The CBLDF, or the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is putting out a CBLDF Banned Books leaflet, available in stores or at shows from July (in time for San Diego Comic Con) and also ahead of Banned Books Week in September. And it comes with a Bone cover by Jeff Smith as, surprisingly, Bone is one of[...]
Jeff Smith's Tuki Save The Humans Gets An Upgrade Before Publication
That was how Tuki: Save The Humans, the new comic from Jeff Smith was solicited Black and white Like how Bone and Rasl started out But, a bit like a Kickstarter goal, it has been upgraded to full colour… Out in July, here's a quick refresher… 2,000,000 years ago, a great ice age gripped the earth, trapping all[...]
Jeff Smith's Bone Was The Tenth Most Banned Book For 2013
In 2010, there was an attempt by a mother in Minnesota to get the all-ages comic Bone banned in state-run libraries due to scenes of smoking and drinking. It failed. Was that that? Well no, there was a move to have the series moved from one recommended age range to another in Texas. But that wasn't enough, apparently. Here's[...]
Jeff Smith's Tuki: Save The Humans, For Free Right Now
  After a webpage launch last year that Jeff Smith compares to that of Obamacare, has relaunched, with the full first season of Tuki: Save The Humans caveman webcomic available free And even the Bones are happy about it. The second season will begin on May 16th, with the first issue in black and white out[...]
A Sneak Peek At Jeff Smith's Tuki Save the Humans
Tomorrow, Jeff Smith will be unveiling his newest project: Tuki Save the Humans! at the Society of Illustrators during the benefit brunch for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's Kids' Right to Read program. Doors will open at 11am, brunch will be served at 11:30 and the performance will begin at 12:30, to be followed by Q&A,[...]
The Shel Dorf Awards Winners This Year Shift Toward The Creator-Owned – The Complete List
Vaughan (DC, Marvel, Vertigo) Continuing Series of the Year: The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and  Cliff Rathburn (Skybound, Image) Spirit Award for Independent Comics: Jeff Smith (Creator-Owned) Jerry Bails Award: Craig Yoe (Creator-Owned Studio with clients) Shel Dorf Legacy Award: Steve Geppi   The Shel Dorf Awards were bestowed on October 25th at Detroit's Fanfare Convention, and[...]
Argentinian Comics Star Liniers Knows All About Being A Fanboy
Some of them are cool nerds, like Jeff Smith is a cool nerd Which is a very weird species in itself But it's so much fun I'm just beside myself. HMS: Out of the people you met at SPX, who are you the biggest groupie about? L: Seth I love We were doing this round table thing,[...]
Glorious SPX: More Details Emerge about Jeff Smith's New Webcomic
 Our Washington DC Correspondent David Dissanayake writes; This weekend at SPX's Jeff Smith spotlight panel, the man of the hour gave a little more detail about his forthcoming webcomic series Tüki Save the Humans. The new webcomic from the creator of Bone and RASL will center on the first homo erectus to migrate away from the cradle[...]
New Bone From Jeff Smith UPDATE
Nikolai Fomich let's us know from the Jeff Smith panel at San Diego Comic Con that we can expect New Bone material by Jeff Smith from Scholastic, all new, all by him. And the Artists Editions of Bone from IDW will also have new material… UPDATED with more: The IDW Artist's Edition will feature great cow race will[...]