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SDCC Gossip About Substack Comics - Nick Spencer No Longer On Staff
The following January that saw Tom King & Elsa Charretier, Brian K Vaughan & Niko Henrichon, Khary Randolph & Joanne Starer, Rodney Barnes, Jen Bartel, and Grant Morrison join Since then many projects have been launched and published with a dedicated Substack comics reading app. So I looked into the latest gossip, and this is what[...]
Marvel Comics Says Goodbye To Conan Today (Mostly)
Gist, Sana Takeda, Carlos Pacheco, Jay Anacleto, Marcos Martin, Muntsa Vicente, Jen Bartel, Rom Fajardo, Dan Panosian, MR GARCIN, Ive Svorcina, Jose Villarrubia, Frank D'Armata, Tomi Varga, Neeraj Menon, Lauren Ammo, Shannon Andrews Ballesteros, Drew Baumgartner, Fred Malmberg, Jay Zetterberg, Steve Booth, Mike Jacobsen,Brian Overton, Ralph Macchio and of course, the many many more contributors[...]
Jen Bartel Launches The Jen Bartel Club On Substack
Vaughan and Niko Henrichon, a solo project by Jen Bartel, a collaboration between Tom King and Elsa Charretier, a new publication from Khary Randolph and Joanne Starer, and Mangasplaining will be launching a Substack So let's take a look at Jen Bartel's offering, as the Jen Bartel Club. Jen Bartel Launches The Jen Bartel Club On[...]
Margaret Stohl & Judith Stephens Write Super-Visible Women Of Marvel
Willow Wilson, Tini Howard, Maurene Goo, and Charlie Jane Anders, top artists like Jen Bartel, Peach Momoko, and Tamra Bonvillian, and influential producers like Victoria Alonso and Sana Amanat, Super Visible: The Story of the Women of Marvel is an essential read for fans of all ages. Marvel podcast producer and cosplay photographer Judith Stephens and Beautiful[...]
FOC Cover Stories
Image Comics is issuing a new Mirka Andolfo cover for Ludocrats #4 with an FOC date for the 27th of July and published on the 19th of August. Mirka Andolfo Ludocrats #4 cover. Marvel Comics has two new Black Widow #1 covers featuring the Marvel Cinematic Universe versions of the Black Widow on one and Taskmaster on[...]
Auto Draft
Perhaps you're an artist first person? The bundle also contains works from rising star Daniel Warren Johnson (The Ghost Fleet), Eisner-winning artist Paul Pope (Heavy Liquid), and cover artist extraordinaire doing interior pages Jen Bartel (Blackbird). If you like crime stories, it's difficult to go wrong here with this Humble Bundle There's five volumes of the[...]
Mondo has an Awesome Jen Bartel Captain Marvel Poster on Sale Until April 28
The artwork for both is by artist Jen Bartel, one featuring Carol in flight above Earth sans helmet, and another variant with different colors, this one with the helmet on That one has actually sold out already as I am typing this sentence So, while you cannot get that one anymore, the one below is[...]
A Tale of Two Threads About How to Break into Comics
But probably not. In any case, artist Jen Bartel, who has only been working for major publishers for 3 years and so has only been on this side of the divide for maybe 3 or 4 billion-skillion of the "how to break into comics threads," decided to start her own thread which was a bit more[...]
2 Covers for Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 and #2 by Jen Bartel and Ryan Inzana
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has revealed two covers for Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 and #2, respectively by Jen Bartel and Ryan Inzana Executive Editor Jeanine Schaefer comments on Bartel's cover for Buffy #1: This cover is a celebration of the three girls at the core of Buffy, who fight the good fight against not only[...]
The Talent and Diversity Question at NYCC's 'Women of Marvel' Panel
Panel hosts Judy Stephens and Sana Amanat were joined by Marvel creatives Kathleen Wisenski, Margaret Stohl, Leah Williams, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Jen Bartel which is a pretty solid lineup of talented people. The subject of this audience member's comment was regarding talent, diversity, and getting hired at Marvel, with an assertion that "women get hired in comics just because they're women" without "previous[...]
Jordan White: No Current Plans for Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jen Bartel's Storm Series
The planned Storm series by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jen Bartel appears to be on permanent hiatus. From the interview: Here's an update for Starleafgirl and several others, who asked, "Any update on when we can expect the Storm solo book from Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jen Bartel? I've been especially excited to see Jen Bartel draw Storm, would[...]
The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1
Oh, and if you are a fan of WicDiv, then you HAVE to get this issue. The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1 cover by Jamie McKelvie Okay, The Wicked + the Divine Christmas Annual #1 from Image Comics by Kieron Gillen, Kris Anka, Jen Bartel, Dee Cunniffe, Matt Wilson, Rachel Stott, Ludwig Olimba, Tamra Bonvillain,[...]
America #7 Review: A Goddess For The New Age
She's freaking awesome. I may have to write a longer op-ed about this later, but let's get back to the review proper. America #7 art by Jen Bartel The exposition does weigh the issue down a good bit What saves it is the emotional engagement between America and Madrimar America loves her grandmother, but she also resents her[...]
Phoenix Variants
We mentioned there'd be a Phoenix variant cover scheme coming in December to tie in with the release of Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey (you know, the adult one), written by now Marvel Exclusive Matthew Rosenberg and with art by Leinil Francis Yu. Amazing Spider-Man cover by Ryan Stegman Well, Marvel have decided to show[...]
Thought Bubble Anthology 2017 Features Jason Aaron, Jen Bartel, Cecil Castellucci, Brandon Graham, Jody Houser, Jason Latour, Emi Lenox, Simon Roy, Marley Zarcone (VISUAL UPDATE)
And creators in attendance – or at least contributing to the anthology -include Jason Aaron, Jen Bartel, Cecil Castellucci, Brandon Graham, Jody Houser, Jason Latour, Emi Lenox, Simon Roy, Marley Zarcone, and many more. All profits from the anthology will go to the children's charity Barnardos. The sixth Thought Bubble Anthology is being rush solicited through[...]