The Mighty Thor: The Gates of Valhalla #1 Review – Looking Backwards and Forwards

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The Goddesses of Thunder from the distant future use Time Diamonds to return to the past and pay their hero, Jane Foster a visit. They struggle with this task and arrive at a few wrong locations before their destination. Elsewhere in our time, Malekith tours the chaos and bloodshed he has wreaked across the realms and plans to continue this horror in new ways and on new planets.

Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1 cover by Nick Derington
Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1 cover by Nick Derington

Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1 isn't quite the celebration of the Goddess of Thunder which is implied. It serves more as a waypoint between the ending of Jane's tenure as Thor and a conflict which the Odinson will have to take on as Thor.

That makes sense considering that's more literally what the comic is, and it's not a bad book. The Goddesses of Thunder from the future idolize Jane Foster, and, given the struggles weathered by this character, it's gratifying to see her receive some love from future heroes.

The Malekith portion is less compelling. It's mostly he and his allies being cartoonishly evil and rattling off a handful of villain clichés in between. There is one particularly unnerving scene of the rogue committing an atrocity upon his own people, but that's the only part that elicits a genuine emotional response.

Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1 art by Jen Bartel and Matthew Wilson
Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1 art by Jen Bartel and Matthew Wilson

Both Jen Bartel and Ramon Perez do solid work in this comic. Bartel handles the first half and infuses it with a simple but energetic comic style which fits the Goddesses of Thunder. Perez's art has more of a storybook quality, and this suits the nightmare fairytale that is Malekith's life and the realms he travels. Matthew Wilson provides the color art to the entire book, and each page has an eye-catching assortment of colors and shades to dazzle the reader.

Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1 is a solid and at-times heartwarming interim between the eras of Jane Foster and the Odinson. The first story solidifies Jane as a legendary hero in the Marvel Universe, and the latter shows what threats await the Odinson when he once more holds the title of Thor. This one earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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