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Joe Madueria's Battlechasers Back As A Comic Book – And A Game
Years before The Walking Dead, Joe Madueira's Battlechasers was, along with Danger Girl, the non-superhero comic book that would sell better than the superheroes in comic stores Part of Image Comics and Wildstorm's creator owned line, Cliffhanger, the fantasy war comic saw nine issues published, getting later and later until it… stopped. But, as Joe moved into computer[...]
An Inhuman Number Of Variants On Their Way…
The future of comics starring Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's The Inhumans character at Marvel are very important to the publisher, which is why the big names of Matt Fraction and Joe Madueira were originally put on the Inhuman series But that pressure may have contributed to what saw Fraction to walk off the book,[...]
Inhuman #3 Slips Five Weeks To July
Originally revealed by Bleeding Cool on April 1st last year, Inhuman and Inhumanity was Marvel's big new thing, a way to revive the Inhuman ready to be exploited as a new franchise, an alternative to the X-Men for Marvel Studios, a new status quo for the Marvel Universe spinning out of the Infinity series and[...]
Marvel Comics Announces ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW, With Free Catch-Up Digital Codes
And no more, I'm guessing. Inhuman will be another All-New Marvel Now title, with Matt Fraction and Joe Madueira, and we are told to expect Black Widow and Silver Surfer books too. And then there's Avengers" No 24.NOW, starting a new story, Rogue Planet, with Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic — as Captain America and Iron Man[...]
A Brief Look At Avenging Spider-Man #2
Zeb transfers this monster to this world of monsters and he fits it beautifully, with some seriously strong facial gurning from Joe Madueira too. Naturally he suffers the consequences of his actions… not that this changes his attitude one iota, and although even he has his limits in blustering bravado. Anyway, we know we're getting Hawkeye and[...]
Joe Madueira Off Avenging Spider-Man, Greg Land On… As They Planned
Joe Madueira's grand return to comic books was three issues long. With issue 4, the digital-download-code-included Avenging Spider-Man will have Greg Land drawing Zeb Wells' script, as Spider-Man teams up with a very movie-looking Hawkeye… UPDATE: Joe Madueira will be back! They are doing that "alternate arc" thing… on off, on off, on off… as they've always[...]
Avenging Spider-Man #1 To Hit Marvel Digital Subscription Service?
It appears that Avenging Spider-Man #1, published in print today by Zeb Wells and Joe Madueira, is not just day-and-date digital, but will be part of the Marvel DCU subscription service. While the comic is shipping, bagged, with a digital download code inside, the first example of a new system that will see customers able to[...]