Deadpool 2 Gets New and Adorable Cosbaby Figures from Hot Toys

Hot Toys has announced that more Marvel Cosbaby figures are on the way. This time they are coming to us from Deadpool 2. There are three characters in this wave with Deadpool, Cable, and the Juggernaut. All three stand roughly 4.5 inches tall and are just packed with adorable detail that features that unique Cosbaby design. Juggernaut is the main star here as we rarely get colelctobl featmg his from the Deadpool 2 film. He is wearing his yellow prison jumpsuit and posed in a running motion. If you are a fan of Josh Brolin Cable then this is a great collectible fan will want.

Deadpool is always Deadpool no matter what design or style he is placed in. This makes this the perfect collectible for any collector or fans out there. There are only three figures in this wave and I hope we can see more. I would love to see some Domino or some X-Force in the Cosbaby design. The Deadpool 2 Cosbaby Figures from Hot Toys are not live just yet and do not have a current price. Going off of previous Marvel Cosbaby figure is wold image we are looking at roughly a $25 price tag. You will however be able to find them located here along with other Hot Toys collectibles here. I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!

"Here comes Deadpool! The chimichanga and pancake loving superhero is ready to break through any obstacle, including the fourth wall. Based on the Deadpool 2 movie, Hot Toys is presenting a new wave of Cosbaby, featuring Deadpool with Pool Float, Cable, and Juggernaut Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head. Each Cosbaby stands approximately 9.5 – 11.5cm in height with bobble-head function."

"As summer rolls in, Merc with a Mouth is planning to cool off the hot summer days on the fun white swan pool float; Cable the super soldier with cybernetic eye and robotic arm, has a teddy bear hanging from his belt, is wielding the iconic pistol; the muscular Juggernaut in yellow prison jumpsuit and helmet will be delivering some devastating headbutts and punches while fighting a merc. Begin your Deadpool collection with the new Cosbaby!"

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