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A Big Change To The Superman Family This Week (Major Spoilers)
But then, it seems, so was The Justice Society Dark and they still have to get their team book That's the thing about new timelines, it makes you wonder how certain folk have been ignored for so long.   After all, it has been many, many years since… and this comic is not afraid to join up[...]
Justice Society Of America New Golden Age DC Comics
He went to the Justice Society Dark for help, but even together they were unable to locate her The Witch Girl has not been seen since Beyond the 'bad fates' curse she inherited from her mother, Salem also is a witch-in-tralning with great mystical knowledge and power, owing to both her heritage from Limbo Town[...]
Justice Society Of America New Golden Age DC Comics
And turns out that not only was he in the Justice Society Dark… but that there was a Justice Society Dark, mirroring the modern-day supernatural focussed Justice League Dark. Full Name: Thaddeus Brown Occupation: Escape artist performer Marital Status: Widower Known Relatives: Ted Brown (son) Group Affiliation: Justice Society Dark Base of Operations: Mobile, often San Francisco[...]