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Fast Enough To Go Back In Time: We Review 'Sonic Mania'
It starts out relatively familiar, picking up a bit where Sonic & Knuckles left off as you get into Green Hill Zone But things quickly become a bit of a miss you discover Dr Robotnik tapping into a new source of power that sends Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles back through time Things in this universe[...]
Latest Footage For 'Sonic Mania' Shows Off Knuckles On Flying Battery Zone
 Last Thursday, SEGA threw out some brand new footage of Knuckles making his way around Flying Battery Zone as he crawl up walls and hurls himself through tunnels The game is set to come out on all consoles and PC in the summer, we're expecting to get a confirmed date at E3 in June along with[...]
A Switch Accessory They Should Have Made Sooner
If you're like me, you've already collided knuckles with one of your friends playing something on the 1-2 Switch list of games I've already done "extreme fistbumping" over Boxing and Wizard, and of course, it makes you lose some points in the process Now we have this lovely gadget we can purchase! No, this is not officially licensed[...]