Katheryn Winnick Talks 'Vikings' Season 6, Fitting End for Lagertha

Katheryn Winnick, actress behind our warrior queen Lagertha from HISTORY's Vikings, has some thoughts about the 6th (and reportedly final) season of the series, including the end for her character.[caption id="attachment_1001348" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Katheryn WinnickPhoto by Featureflash Photo Agency /[/caption]While talk of the series makes >this< reporter strangely emotional, we are indeed comforted by[...]

Katheryn Winnick Says [SPOILERS] Are In Tonight's 'Vikings' Episode!

We adore Katheryn Winnick as the HISTORY's Vikings character Lagertha, and season 5 of the historical drama has been an experience, so say the least.[caption id="attachment_785211" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Katheryn Winnick greets fans during the 'Vikings' experience at SDCC 17.Photo by Mary Anne Butler[/caption]The cast and crew of the show have often spoken about each other as family, something[...]

Lagertha has Been Through Hell (Again) in New 'Vikings' S5E18 Photos

(Deposed) Queen Lagertha of Kattegat has certainly seen her fair share of hardships across the 5 seasons of HISTORY's Vikings She's born children, lost a daughter, fought, lost and won wars, avenged herself against an abuser, removed a usurper, and forged unlikely alliances across multiple continents She's buried (or burned, as the case may be) all[...]

Katheryn Winnick Talks [SPOILER]'s Death in 'Vikings' s5e15, "Hell"

King Alfred (son of Athelstan and Queen Judith if you've forgotten) mounts an assault against King Harald Fairhair, with the help of Lagertha, Bjorn, Ubbe, Torvi, Bishop Heahmund, and their warriors who escaped Ivar's horde in Kattegat.Watching Lagertha's relationship with Heahmund during this season has been interesting, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is always fascinating to watch,[...]

Vikings: Lagertha Refuses To Leave Her Home | Season 5 Returns Nov. 28 at 9/8c | History

Lagertha Doesn't Want to Leave Kattegat in 'Vikings' s5b Clip

Hopefully by now you're aware that HISTORY's Vikings returns this week for the beginning of the second half of season 5 (called season 5b).What we have here is a sneak peek of the premiere episode where defeated Queen Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is confronted with the knowledge that Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) is coming to Kattegat to[...]

Katheryn Winnick Shares New 'Vikings' Season 5b Teaser

⚔️#comingsoon #Vikings A post shared by Katheryn Winnick (@katherynwinnick) on Nov 14, 2018 at 8:43am PSTAnd, if you haven't seen it, the official trailer for the second half of season 5 from SDCC: still don't know what Winnick's character Lagertha saw during the epic battle at the end of season 5a that caused her hair[...]

A Raid of Vikings Invade During Dragon Con 2018

Usually led by a Ragnar or a Lagertha, there have been representations of almost every main character throughout the annual Raid of Vikings.Hopes are still high that at some point, members of the cast of the series (and maybe even series creator and sole writer Michael Hirst) will eventually be guests.Here is a gallery of this[...]

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Vikings Season 6: Katheryn Winnick Shares Image of Battle-Bloody Lagertha

Fans of HISTORY's Vikings have been in a panic since the mid season break of season 5, especially when it comes to the future of fan-favorite character Queen Lagertha, played by Katheryn Winnick.[caption id="attachment_801937" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins /[/caption]Today on Twitter, Winnick posted this photo with the caption, "first glimpse of Lagertha in[...]

'Vikings' Queen Katheryn Winnick Posts from Her First Day as Director

HISTORY's original drama series Vikings has been one of our favorites since it first hit the airwaves.  The show just hit its halfway point of season 5, with a hiatus until the back half 10 episodes of the season air in the fall.[caption id="attachment_785211" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Katheryn Winnick greets fans during the 'Vikings' experience at SDCC[...]

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'Vikings' Creator Says the Show Is a Grown-Up Game of Thrones

And Lagertha starts to break One of our big characters starts to break in this sequence. Sure, a lot of HBO faithful will take issue with that statement, but in context, Hirst is mostly correct So many of the core of the GoT characters don't deal with their personal issues until it's turned into (literally) a[...]

Watch: Vikings Cast Does Facebook Live Ahead of Season 5 Premiere

Fans of History's Vikings have been celebrating the return of the show all week, and the network knows it.Aside from a special airing ahead of the premiere where Ivar the Boneless asks the Seer to tell him the saga of Lagertha, there is also a facebook live event with the cast going on RIGHT NOW.Check[...]

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Michael Hirst Talks Vikings Season 5 Details And Future

It was evening up the playing field to introduce someone who was as formidable as anyone on the Vikings side. When asked about the lifespan of characters like Floki and Lagertha (who in show terms are now in their late 40s early 50s respectively), Hirst commented that he always roots for Lagertha, and wants to see[...]

Vikings Season 5 Premieres Tomorrow, So Let's Catch Up

Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) as the eldest of the Lothbrok sons led his brothers in the raid.Ragnar's many sons vowed to avenge their father, and laid siege to the kingdom of Wessex and King Ecbert (Linus Roache) in the process.Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) had once again reclaimed (and defended) Kattegat with her female honor guard of[...]

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'Vikings' Unleashes Valkyries In First Trailer For Season 5

That's super impressive, and his knowledge of who the characters are and the abilities of his cast continues to surpass the majority of large cable network's flagship shows.The other big news for Season 6 is that star Katheryn Winnick who plays warrior queen Lagertha, will be stepping up to direct for the first time during the[...]


The Raid Continues! 'Vikings' Renewed For 6th Season

Last year, it was announced that the 5th season of History's Vikings would the last. Thankfully, as of today, that news is simply not the case. Variety just broke the news that the Norse drama has been renewed for a sixth season, with an astounding 20-episode order. Production is set to begin this fall in Ireland, […]