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Writer's Commentary – Michael Uslan On The Conclusion Of Lone Ranger / Green Hornet
A Writer's Commentary: Michael Uslan talks the dramatic conclusion of Lone Ranger/Green Hornet #5, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover by Jan Duursema and interiors by Giovanni Timpano. WARNING: SPOILERS FOR LR/GH #5!  Page 1: I fully appreciated the responsibility on my shoulders for the purely historic nature of this saga I was not only to be the first[...]
Michael Uslan On Finally Making The Lone Ranger / Green Hornet Connection
Film producer and writer Michael Uslan talks with Byron Brewer about  Lone Ranger/Green Hornet #3, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover by Jan Duursema and interior art by Giovanni Timpano. BYRON BREWER: Michael, you have an amazing affinity for the characters in this miniseries Where did the notion come from to bind the lives of these two[...]
Death Is Coming To The Lone Ranger / Green Hornet #4
Now he talks to Byron Brewer about Lone Ranger/Green Hornet #4, on sale in October from Dynamite Cover art by Jan Duursema. BYRON BREWER: Michael, this book seems to be stacking up the great reviews amid fandom Your reaction? MICHAEL USLAN: I am humbled by the overwhelming wonderful reviews that have poured in Gio and I have[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Pulp Titles For October 2016
First up we take a look at the pulp characters including The Shadow, The Spirit, The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet. THE SHADOW: THE DEATH OF MARGO LANE Hardcover Cover: Matt Wagner Writer: Matt Wagner Art: Matt Wagner, Brennan Wagner Page Count: 128 pages Legendary creator Matt Wagner returns to both write and draw an all-new tale for the first[...]
Writer's Commentary – Michael Uslan On Lone Ranger / Green Hornet #1
A Writer's Commentary: Michael Uslan talks Lone Ranger/Green Hornet #1, on sale this week from Dynamite. Cover is by John Cassaday. Page 1 I definitely wanted to open this saga with the dual traditional openings from the Lone Ranger and the Green Hornet radio shows Putting them side-by-side shows just how parallel these two characters were and crystallizes[...]
Exclusive – Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Shadow, Tarzan And Thun'da For August
Dynamite Entertainment is giving us an exclusive advanced look at their solicitations for August and here we have a look at some of the great pulp characters they are publishing like The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, The Shadow, Tarzan, Sheena and Thun'da. The Lone Ranger and Green Hornet crossover has been decades in the making[...]
Heroic Bloodlines – Michael Uslan Talks Lone Ranger / Green Hornet
Michael Uslan talks Lone Ranger / Green Hornet #1, on sale in July from Dynamite Main cover is by John Cassaday with two incentive covers by Giovanni Timpano. BYRON BREWER: Well, Michael, Dynamite is known for its wild mash-ups However did the concept of the Lone Ranger and the Green Hornet come about for you? Was[...]
Five Other Characters That Should Get Dynamite's Altered States Treatment
So here are five OTHER characters from the Dynamite library that are just begging to have the Altered States treatment… and maybe an idea of what I think they should do. THE LONE RANGER – He may not have done well in the theater, but The Lone Ranger is a classic and well-loved character but he[...]
5 Exclusive Extended Previews – Bob's Burgers, Django / Zorro And More
It's a big week for Dynamite at the comic shops and we have 5 exclusive extended previews of books shipping this week, including: the final issue of Bob's Burgers, Django/Zorro #2, the Flash Gordon Holiday Special, Lone Ranger: Vindicated #2 and Vampirella: Feary Tales #3. Bob's Burgers #5 Justin Hook, Rachel Hastings, Mike Olsen, Jeff Drake (w) Tony[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews – Django / Zorro, Lone Ranger: Vindicated And More
Red Sonja #13, Lone Ranger: Vindicated #1, Django / Zorro #1, and The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood #2. Red Sonja #13 Gail Simone (w) Walter Geovani (a) Jenny Frison, Renae De Liz (c) Beginning a new Sonja epic that will shake the She-Devil to her core! In THE FORGIVING OF MONSTERS, PART ONE, the Hyrkanian finds herself aiding a[...]
Justin Gray Saddles Up With Dynamite For A New Lone Ranger Series
Justin Gray will be kicking off a new Lone Ranger series with artwork by Rey Villegas (Lady Zorro) and covers by John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men) and Marc Laming (All-New Invaders). "I'm proud to be working with one of the longest standing and best known Western characters in all of literature, because to me The Lone Ranger[...]