In Today's Batman, Batman Says He's Batman Because He's Batman. (SPOILERS) Batman.

Oh, you thought there wasn't anything more in Batman #24 to spoil? After DC first gave away several pages from the beginning and then from the end, and everyone from USA Today to CBR and ComicBook ran the big reveal on their front pages in the headline and featured images? I mean, far from Bleeding Cool to complain about spoilers, but there's a way of going about things you know. I mean even Newsarama managed to do it right.


Today's Batman #24 isn't just about Batman and Catwoman, it's also about Gotham Girl. The superheroic survivor of a duo, and the sidekick to a man who turned out to be a lot worse that initially thought. And the storyline that launched Tom King's run on the series a year ago.

But it's mostly about Batman.

The storyline has been edging towards the idea that Batman was going to stop being Batman. That he was to take the advice of his parallel dimensional Batman father. And, under the machinations of Dr Manhattan, be taken off the board.

Instead, he proposes to Catwoman, But only after an existential crisis in discussion with Gotham Girl, who had been seen as the person who might take over from Bruce Wayne protecting the city.


Which is close to what Thomas Wayne told him, in the issue of Batman that Tom King couldn't bring himself to write.

Batman #22 Rebirth Thomas Wayne

That's the one.

In which Batman does an impression of Theresa May. And Gotham Girl asks him a question he knows the answer to but won't reply.


And we also get an answer, at least from Tom King, as to whether the Batman is mad. As the Killing Joke would have it, the other side of the coin to The Joker. And if not, why not…


But then again, aren't we all?

Batman #24 by Tom King, David Finch, Danny Miki, Clay Mann, Seth Mann and Jordie Bellaire is published today by DC Comics.


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