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Marvel Snap
Yesterday, Nuverse dropped a new update into Marvel Snap, as they added a major feature with a new Battle Mode For the first time since the game launched, you can now battle against your friends in PvP battles with your respective decks The mode works by sharing your battle code with other players so you[...]
Snapchat Vs Marvel Comics Over Marvel Snap Trademark
Marvel Snap is a digital collectible card game licensed from Marvel, developed by Second Dinner, and published by Nuverse for PC, Android and iOS Released this October, and named after the MCU event in which Thanos wiped out half the life in the universe, the game sees players, each with a deck of a dozen[...]
Samuel L. Jackson Helps Launch Marvel Snap In New Trailer
Nuverse has released a new trailer for Marvel Snap featuring Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, helping to launch the game The trailer is pretty short and sweet as we see Jackson in full character being angry that they tried to replace him, but it's more with who replaced him that has him worried for[...]
Marvel Snap
Nuverse and developer Second Dinner released a brand new trailer for Marvel Snap, showing off the gameplay before its release The game shows off some of the cards you'll have at your disposal and how they'll be utilized to fight against other heroes in the Marvel universe Everything from the classic heroes to deadly villains,[...]
Marvel Snap
Nuverse along with Disney revealed the official release date of their next mobile game Marvel Snap during the D23 Expo The news came down during their gaming section of today's events, in which they announced this new title will be coming to both PC and mobile devices on October 18th, 2022 What's more, they're officially[...]
Nuverse Announces Marvel Snap For PC & Mobile
Nuverse and Second Dinner announced today they will be releasing a new superhero card game called Marvel Snap for both PC and mobile The game will have you will assemble a team made up of your favorite heroes and villains as you plan out a dream roster to compete against other players in online PvP[...]