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Loki will be Joining the Roster of “Marvel Uktimate Alliance 3” - SDCC 2019

Loki will be Joining the Roster of "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3" – SDCC 2019

Marvel Games revealed the first details on the expansion pass for MARVEL Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order at San Diego Comic Con today.For the first time in the series, Loki joins the alliance as a playable character in MARVEL Ultimate Alliance 3. The game also will be getting free updates, as well as a series of[...]

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"Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3" Shows Off a Lot Of Flash At E3 2019

One of the biggest games to have a buzz around it heading into E3 2019 was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which we tried out at the Nintendo booth Having played the last two, we kinda had an idea of what we were walking into this time around A lot of the selection process has been[...]

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Gets a July Release

"Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3" Gets A New Trailer From Nintendo at E3

During the Nintendo Direct feed this morning, we got a brand new trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 heading into E3 2019 The company showed off what appears to be a lot more storyline material, along with some impressive gameplay showing us characters we already knew about and a few who have yet to make[...]

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Spider-Gwen Gameplay has Arrived

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Spider-Gwen Gameplay has Arrived

As part of GameInformer's exclusive deal for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, we've got another new gameplay trailer This one focuses on the super hero alter-ego of Gwen Stacy, called Spider-Woman, but she's better known to fans as Spider-Gwen After all, there are quite a few Spider-Women in the Marvel Universe.For those who aren't all[...]

Activision Delists Marvel Ultimate Alliance Without Notice

It appears we have a bit of a mystery on our hands as Activision's Marvel Ultimate Alliance has vanished from distribution Not just the primary game, but the sequel as well This week, multiple people discovered and posted about it on Reddit that the series has basically been wiped clean from all stores, leading to missing information[...]