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Stephen King Adaptations That Could Use a Remake [OPINION]
Make the next film the first two books: "The Gunslinger" and "The Drawing of the Three." The series needs proper build-up and not start where the works leave off. Christine/Maximum Overdrive Christine and Maximum Overdrive share the theme of vehicles/inanimate objects coming to life due to supernatural forces[...]
Author STEPHEN KING at the Los Angeles premiere of The Manchurian Candidate. July 22, 2004
So many lost items — the above mentioned first editions, typed manuscripts for Stephen King novels Dolan's Cadillac, Maximum Overdrive, and The Eyes of the Dragon, rare publishing galleys, signed books There were also items from J.R.R Tolkien and George R.R Martin In total, Winters estimates over 2,000 books were lost. The items were not typically[...]