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Andy Kaufman Finally Being Inducted Into The WWE Hall of Fame
 It was at once both hilarious and shocking, as Kaufman put himself into this act entirely and actively tried to convince the world he had quit comedy and was now, indeed a professional wrestler. While Vince McMahon Sr. rejected Andy Kaufman's act and wanted no part of it (you can imagine his son would have lept at the[...]
Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross (Image: WWE)
❤️ — Ricky Morton (@RealRickyMorton) February 7, 2023 The news of Jerry Lawler's suffering a stroke and undergoing emergency surgery was then reported by Action News 5 in Lawler's hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Jerry Lawler celebrated his 50th anniversary in the wrestling industry in 2020  He's had a truly legendary career, both in and out of the ring, as[...]
Tales From The Territories: Vice Posts Entire First Episode Online
Pro wrestling fans are plenty pleased with VICE TV's newest wrestling docuseries, Tales From The Territories, which debuted on Tuesday night this week and featured a legends roundtable discussing the good old days of the Memphis territory  Viewers were presented with amusing and gasp-inducing first-hand tales of a decidedly more violent and "real" time in pro[...]
Tales From The Territories: The Newest Teaser Is A Real Eyeful!
 In the two-minute scene from the upcoming episode about the Memphis territory, we hear from legendary promoter Jerry Jarrett as he tells a gruesome tale from his younger days with him in the ring as a wrestler  As his audience of his son, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, and fellow WWE Hall of Famers Jerry[...]
52 Stories From ComicsPRO – Time To Catch Up On What You Missed Out On
Well, that was a busy few days in Memphis, Tennessee Here are 52 stories from ComicsPRO – mostly covered by Bleeding Cool but there's more besides And bound to be more to come out later in the week… Full house at the Diamond Comics Q&A at @comicspro annual meeting — Matthew Price (@nerdage) February 16, 2017 State[...]