Talking with Skottie Young

Talking with Skottie Young: Leaving Deadpool and Working Hard on Middlewest

Earlier this summer I got a chance to talk and ask some  questions of the great Skottie Young at ACE Comic Con in Seattle.  Due to technical issues this video was unusable until now.  All the parts of this interview are still timely though as Skottie Young hints at his upcoming Marvel project and talks[...]

The 8 Best Fantasy Comics Available Right Freaking Now

Fantasy Comics: The 8 Best Titles Available Right Freaking Now

The world created by writer Marjorie Liu and artist Sana Takeda takes elements of eldritch horror, steampunk, and manga, and merges that all together to transport you to a world unlike anything you have ever see.Monstress is incredibly original, and has been racking up awards like nobody's business.Image Comics has released quite a few graphic[...]

'Middlewest' Volume 1 Kicks off Epic Story of Magic and Adventure (REVIEW)

'Middlewest' Book 1 Kicks off Epic Story of Magic and Adventure (REVIEW)

[rwp_box_recap id="0"]If you've been holding off on picking up Middlewest because you missed out on the comic' first few issues, here's your chance to catch up Middlewest Book One is an epic adventure story from Skottie Young's very vibrant imagination, with jaw-dropping art from Jorge Corona It's a pretty timeless book, populated with epic characters[...]

'Middlewest' #7: Timeless Folk Tale with Contemporary Twist (REVIEW)

'Middlewest' #7: Timeless Folk Tale with Contemporary Twist (REVIEW)

[rwp_box_recap id="0"]I can't get enough of Middlewest There is something so primal and magical about this amazing story, writ large with timeless characters and rendered even larger with an art style that never lets up It's The Wizard of Oz, but with carnies and tornado monsters There's even a tin man, but his name is[...]

Despite Reports of Dangerous Hidden Magic, Image Previews Middlewest #1

Despite dire reports of dangerous hidden magic inside Middlewest, the new comic book by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona, Image comics is pressing ahead with a planned November release anyway and even sent out a preview of the book to media outlets Wednesday morning On the surface, Middlewest may seem like an innocent creator-owned fantasy comic[...]