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What's Inside Batman's Thigh Belt Revealed In Batman: Dark Age
Batman: Dark Age is a new six-issue mini-series by Mark Russell, Mike Allred, and Laura Allred are to follow up their Superman: Space Age, beginning in March. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ DC Comics media partner Popverse posted, "In Batman:[...]
Comic Creators React To Dall-E Theft From Brian Bolland & Mike Allred
"OpenAI's latest image generation model, DALL-E 3, makes it SO easy to create comic books! Here are 4 panels for a fan-made Batman comic made in under 5 minutes." With images that clearly used the work of Mike Allred, Brian Bolland, Kevin Nowlan, Lee Bermejo and Charles Burns to generate the following images from the[...]
Tom Brevoort Expects Marvel Age #1000 To "Sell Out Pretty Instantly"
I do think that it was under-ordered, though, so if you've got any interest in seeing Mark Waid and Alessandro Cappuccio reveal how the original Human Torch learned about justice…" "…discover how Spider-Man's family and friends help him to be a hero as depicted by Ryan Stegman…" "… learn what Marvel Girl sees in Cyclops courtesy of Rainbow Rowell and Marguerite Sauvage…" "…[...]
Ven Jensen Will Tattoo Stardust On His Body If He Crowdfunds $50,000
Small world. Currently, Stardust the Super Wizard is a project to revive "the weirdest Golden Age character", and is written by Van Jensen, and drawn by Mike Allred,  Francesco Francavilla, Pete Woods, Ron Marz, Zander Cannon, Cecil Castellucci, Jay Baruchel, Jesse Lonergan, Jeff Parker, Tom Fowler and dozens of others The book also includes the debut[...]
The X-Cellent Returns to Marvel for 5 More Issues in March
The X-Cellent, the follow-up mini-series to X-Statix from Peter Milligan and Mike Allred, is getting a follow-up of its own, also called The X-Cellent, next March Marvel Comics announced the news via press release, and while normally Rich Johnston would report it for you, you get Jude Terror today instead Why? Well, Rich had to[...]
Superman: Space Age A Prequel To Crisis On Infinite Earths (Spoilers)
It all fits together… …even Beatlemania. SUPERMAN SPACE AGE #1 (OF 3) CVR A MIKE ALLRED (W) Mark Russell (A/CA) Mike Allred Meet Clark Kent, a young reporter who just learned that the world will soon come to an end (Crisis on Infinite Earths) and there is nothing he can do to save it[...]
Superman Space Ace
Superman: Space Age ia a new comic book series by Mark Russell and Mike Allred launching from DC Comics in July Mike Allred has a long comics history as creator of Madman but also creating superhero comics with a retro sensibility, reminiscent of the sixties While Mark Allred has the reputation of creating satirical works[...]
Madman's First Appearance To Set Records?
The first appearance of Mike Allred's character Madman (outside of ads) was in Creatures of the Id #1 published by Caliber Press, in 1990 And it is up for auction today from Heritage Auctions in a CGC 9.8 slab part of this weekend's selection This means a) given the recent attention to the character in[...]
A Look Through X-Ray Spex At X-Ray Robot
Credit: Dark Horse Comics It's tough to write about the Allred Family's work (Mike Allred and Laura Allred) and not write the word joy X-Ray Robot is another piece of their joyous science fiction Depending on how generous you are to X-Ray Robot, it's either a trope or a standard that the duo engages in: Parallel[...]
The Evan Dorkin/Mike Allred Metal Men Pitch That Dan DiDio Said No To
A Metal Men pitch by Evan Dorkin and Mike Allred, At the time Wizard Magazine reported "Look for DC's revamp train to pick up more passengers this summer, as the Metal Men return in a new series by Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese) and Mike Allred (X-Statix) Early word suggests that Dorkin and Allred will[...]
IDW's Big Damn Book WonderCon Panel
A. The panel then next some new Artist Select Series, and the one that I was most excited about is a 25th Anniversary collection celebrating Mike Allred's Madman It will be a 400 page collection of Allred's favorite Madman stories It will include 60 new pages of Allred art that will all be in sequence, so[...]
Mike Allred Joins The Black Hammer Giant-Sized Annual
H), Ray Fawkes (One Soul, The People Inside), and Dave Stewart (Fight Club 2, Black Hammer) as guest artists on the new book. Today we've learned that Mike Allred (Madman, X-Static) has been added to the book The book was already set to be 40 pages and feature Abraham Slam, Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, Barbalien, and Madame[...]
A Love Letter From Creators: Preview A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz Out This Week
Check out the list of creators: Mike Allred, Art Baltazar, Paige Braddock, Megan Brennan, Frank Cammuso, Derek Charm, Colleen Coover, Evan Dorkin, Chynna Clugston Flores, Julie Fujii, Shaenon K Garrity, Melanie Gillman, Zac Gorman, Jimmy Gownley, Matt Groening, Dan Hipp, Keith Knight, Mike Kunkel, Roger Langridge, Jeff Lemire, Jonathan Lemon, Patrick McDonnell, Tony Millionaire, Caleb[...]
Warren Ellis And Mike Allred's Bacardi Graphic Novel Wins BMI Award
The British Marketing Institute has awarded the Spirit Of Bacardi graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Mike Allred, the award for Best Content, beating out  the BBC and We Are Social. Oh look, I'm a global influencer…   The British Marketing Institute has awarded the Spirit Of Bacardi graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Mike Allred, the award for[...]
iZombie's Rob Thomas Explains The Difference Between The Series And The Comic
iZombie executive producer and showrunner Rob Thomas (creator of Veronica Mars) chatted with DC All-Access' Tiffany Smith about his adaptation of the Vertigo comic series by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred In the interview Thomas explains how things are different between the two versions and why Seems he prefers his zombies to originate from faux-science rather than[...]
CW Releases iZombie Trailer Called "Keep Alive"
She works in the morgue where she can eat the brains she craves… but she has the odd side effect that she gets some of the memories from the brains she eats… and uses this to help solve crimes. The series is based on the Vertigo comic of the same name created by Chris Roberson and[...]
At Last, Here Comes Grant Morrison's Miracleman, With Joe Quesada..
15. It will be the first new Miracleman/Marvelman story officially published since the last published issue of the Eclipse run by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. Depending on whether you count those issues of Spawn with  Michael Moran and the Man Of Miracles, of course. The annual will also contain a new story by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred; and[...]
No, Bacardi, Warren Ellis And Mike Allred Are Not Going To Mexico This Week
Warren Ellis and Mike Allred have been paid handsomely for their work creating a comic detailing the history of Barcardi. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zeqimswd44[/youtube] Next week Bacardi are sponsoring/hosting a graphic novel seminars with many writers and artists from around the world. And from the promotional image, you might think that might include Warren Ellis and Mike Allred. But it does not. It[...]
Two Number Twos Deliver – Iron Fist: The Living Weapon And Silver Surfer
After all this, I'll gladly submit my jaw to Kaare Andrews' Iron Fist every month. Silver Surfer #2 from Marvel Comics Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Mike Allred I'd be damned if Silver Surfer #2 didn't feel like the latest issue of a long-running series by a constantly-collaborating creators, complete with tone and tons of pre-established continuity Dan Slott promised[...]