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Arrow The Good Place &#038 The Series Finales We Need [OPINION]

"Arrow", "The Good Place" & The Series Finales We Need [OPINION]

Mike Schur always pitched The Good Place with a four to five season arc Or, will shows have the bravery to be like Watchmen and simply make a single great season and leave it there?Therefore, the final key to success comes from Seinfeld, ironically, a show that probably stuck around a season or two longer[...]

The Good Place Season 4: Mike Schur Teases Characters Old and New

"The Good Place" Season 4: Mike Schur Teases Characters, Old and New

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Mike Schur revealed a little bit of what we have to look forward to this fall before it all dies (metaphorically speaking, of course.. we hope).[caption id="attachment_973710" align="alignnone" width="2000"] NBCUniversal[/caption] The biggest challenge this season is servicing all the new characters in addition to our core 6[...]

Watchmens Damon Lindelof Renews with Warner Bros. TV

Watchmen's Damon Lindelof Renews with Warner Bros. TV

Looks like Damon Lindelof is pretty happy with the folks over at Warner Bros. TV with news that the Lost creator will be extending his overall deal with the studio. Working with the studio since 2012, the deal extension doesn't come as a huge surprise: Lindelof is currently working on HBO's series adaptation of Alan Moore and […]