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Bud Light Seltzer Showdown To Hold In-Person Western Finals
Organizers for the Bud Light Seltzer Showdown are holding a special NBA 2K League event that will lead to an in-person final this November The brand's NBA2KL esports tournament will be open to West Coast gamers at all levels of expertise The event will be held across five states that sit on the west side[...]
Scuf Revealed Their Refresh Of The NBA 2K League Collection
Scuf released new images and prices this week for a new line of gaming controllers created for their NBA 2K League Collection If you're not familiar with this line, these controllers are specifically designed for every esports team tied to a real NBA team as part of the league As you can see examples here[...]
Twitch and NBA 2K League Sign Multiyear Streaming Deal
This morning it was announced that Twitch and the NBA 2K League have come to an agreement for a multiyear deal to stream the league's competitions on the social streaming service The deal gives Twitch the first media rights deal for the league, which will debut on May 1st and feature over 100 NBA 2K players[...]