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Yoda Gets His Own Comic From Marvel - Will They Reveal His Species?
Announced this weekend at Star Wars Celebration, the Jedi Master Yoda will be getting his own comic book from Marvel Comics, launching in October, a ten-issue series with the first arc by Cavan Scott and Nico Leon set during the Star Wars: The High Republic era But more to come What secrets will they reveal? Yoda[...]
Tini Howard & Nico Leon's Catwoman #39 Booms On eBay
Today's Catwoman #39 sees a new creative team take over the title, Tini Howard and Nico Leon And the after-market seems to like what it sees, barely having cracked the comic book open Regular copies are already selling on eBay for almost double the cover price, plus shipping. But it is copies of the 1:25 tiered[...]
Catwoman Gets A new Logo With New Creative Team
And with Catwoman #39, out in a couple of weeks, the series will be getting a new logo alongside new writer Tini Howard and new artist Nico Leon Here is a quick before and after.   As, yes, Tini Howard is joining Catwoman #39 as writer, with artist Nico Leon, from January 2022. Selina Kyle is back in[...]
Tini Howard, Nico Leon & Jordia Bellaire on Catwoman #39 From January
And in January, she will be writing the ongoing Catwoman #39 title, replacing Ram V and being joined by Nico Leon as artist and Jordie Bellaire as colourist, and covers by Jeff Dekal that, as Tini puts it "drip fashion and sex" And edited by Jess Chen and Jessica Berbey She adds; So much of our development[...]
And Now a New Power Pack Series, From Ryan North and Nico Leon
Following the news this afternoon that Eve Ewing and Simone Di Meo will relaunch Champions following Marvel's Outlawed one-shot, the House of Ideas has now announced a new Power Pack mini-series to be written by Ryan North with art by Nico Leon, also spinning out of that event This time, Marvel chose to reveal the[...]
Ms. Marvel #31 cover by Valerio Schiti and Rachelle Rosenberg
Marvel #31 art by Nico Leon and Ian Herring The art varies in a similar manner Nico Leon's artwork continues to be a good suit for the series, giving a unique atmosphere, texture, and identity to Ms Marvel Gustavo Duarte's hyper-cartoonish style for the Lockjaw segment is jarring and unappealing Bob Quinn and Elmo Bondoc contribute[...]
Ms. Marvel #27 cover by Valerio Schiti and Rachelle Rosenberg
Marvel art by Nico Leon and Ian Herring Nico Leon brings a further light tone with thin penciling and inking It leans on the side of anime's styling, and it looks decent enough The small detailing in facial expression as well as the giant turtle's movements (by the way, there is a giant turtle), add a[...]
Cover to Spider-Man #21 by Patrick Brown
It's a character that I do not associate with Spider-Man very often, and I'm not looking forward to he or she being involved with this comic in the near future. Nico Leon's art does not disappoint, making full use of Miles's acrobats and abilities in the fight scene Miles's costume looks really good, and that's important[...]
Improbable Previews: First Look at Hulk #1 By Tamaki and Leon
If nothing else, perhaps publishers will learn their lesson and stop releasing unlettered previews. In this issue of Improbable Previews, Jennifer Walters makes her debut in pronounless Hulk #1, by Mariko Tamaki and Nico Leon Unfortunately, the book, which spins out of Civil War 2 as part of Marvel's <<NOW>> initiative, is set to come out[...]