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Spider-Man MAFEX Upgrades to the Stealth Suit 
This time Spider-Man is back or better yet Night Monkey has returned to fight crime at night This stealth suit was given to him by Nick Fury to hide with iconic Reb red suit from the public while he was overseas This time Medicom is dropping a new MAFEX figure showing Night Monkey in all[...]
Auto Draft
Night Monkey is back in the news Ever since his appearance in Prague, he has vanished but we are seeing a whole new variety of collectibles come out for him First, we got to see the statue by Iron Studios and now we are getting an Egg Action Attack figure from Beast Kingdom I figure[...]
Night Monkey to the Rescue in New Iron Studios Statue
Night Monkey has teamed up with fellow superhero Mysterio to stop the elementals He was last seen in Prague during the attack at the festival and the incident with the Ferris Wheel Who is this Mysterious masked vigilante and he is is he a friend or foe? We all know Night Monkey is nothing more[...]