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Who Wins in a Fight, Nightcrawler or Mystique? Amazing Nightcrawler #3 Preview
Age of X-Man: Amazing Nightcrawler #3 is in stores this week, from writer Seanan McGuire (whose name PreviewsWorld will one day get right in their solicitations) and artist Juan Frigeri And a preview of that issue features a shocking mother vs son battle picking up from last issue's cliffhanger, which saw Mystique waiting for Nightcrawler[...]
Crisis of Infinite Wolverines [X-ual Healing 2-17-19]
Whether that's a credit to the creative team or an indictment of our own personality, we'll leave to you to decide.   Age of X-Man: Amazing Nightcrawler #1 (W) Seanan McGuire (A) Juan Frigeri (CA) Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, Federico Blee ENTER THE AGE OF X-MAN! • From the Munich circus to Hollywood Boulevard, Nightcrawler is starring in his own[...]
Chris Claremont Pulls Off a Cross-Time Caper in May's Marvel Comics Presents
And in May, the decade in question is one of the most memorable times for Marvel Comics: the 1980s! In addition to another chapter of Wolverine's Vigil storyline, Marvel Comics Presents #5 will feature a Nightcrawler story set during the Cross-Time Caper storyline from Chris Claremont and Alan Davis's legendary Excalibur run, written by Claremont himself! More[...]
The Amazing Nightcrawler Becomes a Father (and a Criminal) in May
The Amazing Nightcrawler has it all in Marvel's Age of X-Man Not only is he a superhero, but he's adored as a movie star as well But did nightcrawler risk it all for FORBIDDEN LOVE?! That's what the solicit for May's Age of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #4 reveals… AGE OF X-MAN: THE AMAZING NIGHTCRAWLER #4[...]
Velvet Buzzsaw - Rene Russo and Jake Gyllenhaal
They come alive terrorizing anyone who dares to get close. Credit: Netflix Directed and written by Dan Gilroy, Velvet Buzzsaw looks to be a more traditional horror film playing up the characters own vices to be their undoing, rather than just generating a body count for gore's sake. Netflix The film reunites Gilroy with his Nightcrawler (2014) stars Gyllenhaal[...]
Nightcrawler Looks [badly] Photoshopped in New 'Dark Phoenix' Image
Before you get all up in our comments about "ITS A MOVIE, IT'S A PROMO IMAGE, IT'S NOT DONE YET" yadda yadda- we know.  That said though, doesn't the lighting on Kodi Smit-McPhee in this new Dark Phoenix image look…no so great? Like he was added as an afterthought? True, this isn't the greatest image we've gotten from an X-Men[...]
Marvel Future Fight Receives a New X-Men Update
This time around you have the option of playing with Gambit, Nightcrawler, and a Sentinel It looks a little ridiculous seeing a Sentinel fight alongside you at one-eighth their normal height, but hey, it's a mobile game Here's a few more details about the event. credit//Netmarble In addition to the highly anticipated X-Men characters joining MARVEL Future Fight, several[...]
X-Men: Red #7 cover by Jenny Frisson
Above the Atlantic, Trinary, Wolverine, Gabby, Nightcrawler, and Gambit are in the process of stealing the phone of the deceased British ambassador However, one of the men aboard the plane is activated by a Sentinite and begins firing into the cargo hold One of the bullets hits Trinary. X-Men Red #7 cover by Jenny Frisson X-Men Red[...]
The Draco Revisited: Azazel Returns in Weapon X #25
Who can forget memorable moments like Angel having sex with Husk in the sky in front of her mom, Havok offering to help Iceman reconstitute his body from urine, or that She-Hulk/Juggernaut sex scene? Another memorably Austen story was The Draco, in which a demonic being named Azazel, whose mutant power is impregnating Earth women[...]
X-Men: Wakanda Forever #1 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson
In the present, Storm, Rogue, and Nightcrawler are patronizing a local African cuisine-inspired grocery when Malice arrives with Mimic-27 to kill Ororo Munroe The Mimic has evolved to replicate the X-Men at Malice's command, and the Dora Milaje arrive to save the mutant heroes from Malice's vengeance. X-Men: Wakanda Forever #1 cover by Terry and Rachel[...]
X-Men: Gold #32 cover by Phil Noto
Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Iceman, and Pyro are the only ones left to calm Rachel down, but, after Prestige so easily incapacitated the other X-Men, can these four X-Men save the day? X-Men Gold #32 cover by Phil Noto After the Days of Future Past retread that was X-Men Gold #31, X-Men Gold #32 shows that this could have[...]