Minecraft RTX

You Can Try Out The Minecraft RTX Beta Right Now

Minecraft has moved into a new age as NVIDIA has launched an open beta for players to experience it in RTX on Windows 10. This project has been ongoing for a while as, to be pretty blunt, the NVIDIA team wanted to put an extra bit of shine onto a game that sometimes can look […]

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Bethesda Softworks Pulls Most Of Its Games From GeForce Now

Something odd happened this past week with Bethesda Softworks, as fans noticed the company pulled most of their library from GeForce Now. The NVIDIA cloud-based gaming service posted this notice on their forums, which simply says "Please be advised most Bethesda Softworks titles will be removed from the GeForce NOW service today. Wolfenstein Youngblood will […]

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"Wolfenstein: Youngblood" Receives RTX Support & NVIDIA Highlights

Bethesda Softworks announced this morning that Wolfenstein: Youngblood just got some additional support from RTX and NVIDIA. Without boring you over the technical aspects, the shorthand is that everything looks cleaner, sharper, and a lot more brutal than it did the first time around. YOu can read up on the entire update here, along with […]

NVIDIA Announces New G-SYNC Esports Monitors At CES 2020

NVIDIA Announces New G-SYNC Esports Monitors At CES 2020

The first of the CES 2020 announcements rolls in as NVIDIA announces their new G-SYNC Esports Monitors ahead of the convention. These new displays have a 360Hz refresh rate, so game frames are displayed once every 2.8ms, which is about six times faster than standardized TVs and monitors. Basically, these were designed to get you […]

NVIDIA Wins April Fool's With Joke AI Assistant R.O.N.

NVIDIA Wins April Fools With Joke AI Assistant R.O.N.

NVIDIA has joined the April Fool's joke announcement rounds and, honestly, they've won for this year. Like most AI assistants, R.O.N.'s feature set starts out simply with localization in 18 languages, as well as R.O.N.'s ability to optimize your games and provide you with the latest gaming news. But then things jump off the rails. […]

Shark RPG Maneater Releases New, Sharktastic Screenshots

Tripwire Interactive has announced that the PC version of Shark RPG Maneater will support NVIDIA Ansel technology. NVIDIA's Ansel tech is a way to capture in-game screenshots from any position, adjust them with post-process filters, capture HDR images in high-fidelity formats, and share them in 360 degrees for mobile, PC, or VR use. To celebrate the […]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider to Include Real-Time Ray Tracing Tech for Better PC Rendering

Square Enix, Eidos-Montréal, and Crystal Dynamics announced today that Shadow of the Tomb Raider is being developed on the NVIDIA RTX platform and therefore will be among the first games to feature real-time ray tracing as a rendering technique. The results of that bleeding edge tech can be seen in the new trailer released today for Gamescom 2018. During […]

Chinese Nvidia Shield TV Shows Off Super Mario Galaxy in HD

Just in case you're curious as to how Super Mario Galaxy might look in 1080p, look no further than the Chinese Nvidia Shield TV. The company basically has access to an official Wii emulator designed by Nintendo and Nvidia (which we're sure is sitting well with anyone else in the world who would like the company […]

Dark And Light Partnered With NVIDIA For E3

Snail is teaming up with NVIDIA to bring players an exclusive look at their fantasy sandbox survival game, Dark and Light. Dark and Light's breathtaking visuals pretty much make them a solid choice for using NVIDIA's Ansel technology. With NVIDIA Ansel, players can take staggering 360° screenshots, as well as studio-quality 2D screenshots, as they make their way […]

NVIDIA's GTX 1080Ti Going Into MAINGEAR's Machines

Today, MAINGEAR and NVIDIA announced that going with their continuing partnership, the two will have the GTX 1080Ti added to the VYBE, R1 RAZER Edition, F131, DRIFT, RUSH, and Omen Xd. It's a hefty video card that's been winning praise on review sites, and now the company will be assuring buyers that it will be […]

Watch A Few Minutes Of The Witcher 3 On PC – Swearing And All

Nvidia's GDC conference happened last night and the most impressive game on show was this look at The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. It's just a few minutes of the developer walking around an open area, but these are the kinds of things that tell you what playing the game is actually like, as opposed to carefully choreographed […]