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Since making her debut in season two of Criminal Minds on CBS, Paget Brewster's enduring and endearing fan-favorite Emily Prentiss has been at the core of the show's 15 seasons, appearing in 194 of the show's 323 episodes Following the original series' end in 2020, Paramount+ came calling to revive the series for the streaming[...]
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Recent examples and glimpses of filming have come from those like Paget Brewster and Joe Mantegna, who have some very cool behind-the-scenes looks to pass along to the fans. Image: ViacomCBS Getting back into their roles, Twitter and Instagram have been a source for members of the cast like Brewster and Mantegna to connect with fans and[...]
Hypochondriac Director Addison Heimann on Bringing His Story to Life
I'm grateful to have such great talent to work with me. Paget Brewster in Hypochondriac (2022) Image courtesy of XYZ Films BC: What has helped you from your TV experience into this film? Heimann: The biggest hurdle was getting people to say "Yes" to someone who has never directed a feature before What made that happen was I[...]
Hypochondriac Star Zach Villa on Mental Health & Pottery in Thriller
He's just so generous and would always say "Yes." You can't ask for anything more than that in an acting partner. Hypochondriac, which also stars Paget Brewster, Marlene Forte, Madeline Zima, Yumarie Morales, and Chris Doubek, is currently in theaters It's available on digital and on-demand on August 4th. Zach Villa has such a diverse range[...]
Hypochondriac: Paget Brewster on How Film Exceeded Her Expectations
When Paget Brewster was given the script for the indie psychological thriller Hypochondriac from XYZ Films, she had her initial misgivings Once the Criminal Minds star met writer and director Addison Heimann, he blew her away as far as any expectations for a first-time director Brewster plays Dr Sampson, a medical professional trying to treat[...]
Birdgirl Star Paget Brewster Reflects on Season Two Zaniness & More
Paget Brewster is fortunate enough to find such a wide range of diverse roles throughout her career across live-action and voiceover While fans might recognize her best as the resourceful and intuitive Emily Prentiss in the long-running CBS crime series Criminal Minds, recently revived at Paramount+, she's done far more than her share of comedies,[...]
Criminal Minds Star Paget Brewster Talks Paramount+ Revival Return
Paget Brewster, who plays Unit Chief Emily Prentiss of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, joined the series since the season two episode "The Last Word," appearing in 194 of the 323 episodes Created by Jeff Davis, the original run on CBS ended in 2020 Joining her for the revival are co-stars Joe Mantegna (David Rossi), Kristen[...]
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Paget Brewster may have been premature when she took the wind out of Criminal Minds fans' sails on social media saying that she thought the recently announced revival was "dead." Don't zip up the body bag on the series return just yet Back in February, Paramount+ announced that a 10-episode revival had been officially green-lit,[...]
'Harvey Birdman, Attorney General' Special Occupies Adult Swim This Fall
President Sebben announces Birdman as the country's next Attorney General — seems like a smart move, right? Except it turns out that in his new role, Birdman must find a way to remove President Sebben from office before everyone starts to worry that it might just be more than the ridiculous plot to an animated[...]