Wonder Park (2019) - New Trailer - Paramount Pictures

[Super Bowl LIII] Trailer for Paramount's 'Wonder Park' Releases Early

We're about 6 hours away from the kickoff of Super Bowl LIII, and we've already got the first trailer drop from Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies for their upcoming animated feature, Wonder Park.Originally titled Amusement Park, Wonder Park features a voice cast of Brianna Denski, Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Garner, Ken Hudson Campbell, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, Mila Kunis,[...]

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Reboot Production Could Star This Year

You learn the darndest things when covering red carpet events sometimes, as Variety just proved while talking to A Quiet Place producers Andrew Form and Bradly Fuller about the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.While on the red carpet for the 2019 Critics Choice Awards (more on that later tonight), Variety spoke with the pair about the TMNT reboot, and[...]

What Men Want (2019) - Red Band Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Red Band Trailer For Taraji P. Henson's 'What Men Want'

Apparently someone at Paramount Pictures remembered, because we're getting a 'modern spiritual sequel' to it starring Taraji P Henson.This morning, a red band (that means strong language, kids) trailer for What Men Want dropped, and we've got to say, we're interested??? Ali Davis is a successful sports agent who’s constantly boxed out by her male colleagues[...]

New Bumblebee Poster, Now in English

Yesterday, Paramount Pictures released a rather delightful poster for the German market With German language and everything Because it's for Germany But everyone seemed to rather like the poster.Which is why they are now releasing it with English wordage as well.It features the title character, Hailee Steinfeld’s Charlie, and John Cena’s Agent Burns[...]

Friday The 13th Writer Victor Miller Wins Court Battle Over Franchise Rights

Friday The 13th fans: we may finally have a resolution to the ongoing rights battle. Screenwriter Victor Miller has won a summary judgement in the U.S. District Court against the producers of the film, including Sean Cunningham. The producers filed a lawsuit against Miller well over a year ago after Miller attempted to reclaim ownership […]

Wanna See Taron Egerton as Elton John in Rocket Man? — Rocketman (@rocketmanmovie) September 28, 2018Dexter Fletcher (Bohemian Rhapsody) is directing the film for Paramount, which will apparently be a time-hopping story all about Elton John's rise to fame and subsequent life.Rocket Man is set to hit theaters on May 31st 2019. Although we know the film release date has been pushed back a bit, we've got our first[...]

'Pet Sematary' Directors Dennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch Break Ground on Filming

Widmyer[/caption]Just when you thought it was safe to deal with mangy cats and small children with scalpels, Director Dennis Widmyer took to social media on Monday to tweet that he and co-director Kevin Kolsch have officially started filming their adaptation of Stephen King's beloved horror novel Pet Sematary.Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian, and Steven[...]

Paramount is Making a G.I. Joe Spinoff About Snake Eyes… but Which One?

Paramount is developing a G.I Joe spinoff about Snake Eyes, to be written by Beauty and the Beast writer Evan Spiliotopoulos THR has the EXCLUSSSIVE report, which doesn't go into many details beyond that.Snake Eyes has long been regarded as one of the coolest Joes, and probably the most popular, due to the fact that he's[...]

Paramount Has Found Their Live-Action Dora The Explorer, Isabela Moner

That said, there are no doubt adults who grew up with the young adventurer and her pals excited to see the cartoon translated into a feature film.[caption id="attachment_840594" align="aligncenter" width="600"] LOS ANGELES - OCT 08: Isabela Moner arrives for the "Only The Brave" Los Angeles Premiere on October 8, 2017 in Westwood, CAEditorial credit: DFree[...]

Paramount Teases Coming to America 2 at CinemaCon 2018

Paramount teased their upcoming movie slate at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, and one of those movies will stand out to fans of comedy classics: Coming to America 2 The reality of a sequel to the 1988 film was first mentioned by Eddie Murphy himself last March, and moved forward last Fall with a script written[...]

Paramount Pictures Presentation Live Blog at CinemaCon

Welcome to the studio presentation for Paramount Pictures where we'll be seeing some of the upcoming movies from this studio including Bumblebee: The Movie, Mission: Impossible, Top Gun 2, and more. Join us for this live blog and see what we find out next at CinemaCon 2018 [Mark Seifert on relay for Bleeding Cool Head Film[...]

Transformers Bumblebee

John Cena Talks About the "Movie Magic" of Bumblebee

John Cena is gearing up to have one hell of a year. Blockers comes out this weekend after an extremely well-received South by Southwest (SXSW) premiere, and he has the first Transformers spinoff movie coming out this December. Collider recently spoke to Cena about working on Bumblebee and the "movie magic" that goes into acting […]

ROM spaceknight

Ready Player One Screenwriter Tapped to Adapt ROM: The Spaceknight

Coming off the adaptation of the Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One for Steven Spielberg, writer Zak Penn has been tapped for the adaptation of ROM: The Spaceknight for Hasbro's Allspark Pictures and Paramount Pictures Based on the Hasbro toy ROM (short for read-only memory) of the 1980s, it was then introduced to readers in[...]

Dora The Explorer

Dora the Explorer Live-Action Film Gets an Official Release Date

Be proud I didn't lead this one with MICHAEL BAY'S DORA THE EXPLORER, because I was really close to doing that, as Bay's Platinum Dunes studio is producing the flick for Paramount But yes, seriously, there is going to be a live-action Dora the Explorer film coming, and we finally know when it'll be arriving in[...]

Mission: Impossible fallout

The Mission: Impossible Fallout Trailer is Here

The fuse has been lit 💣 Watch the official #MissionImpossible Fallout trailer starring @TomCruise. In theatres 7.27.18. — Mission: Impossible (@MissionFilm) February 5, 2018 Want to see all of the Super Bowl trailers? Check them out here. Summary: Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, along with some familiar allies, race against time after a mission […]


'God Particle' Cloverfield Sequel May Be Headed to Netflix Instead of Theaters

This would maybe make sense, and explain why now the April 20th date has all but disappeared from theatrical release slates from studios and theater chains.If this ends up being the case, it would be the second Netflix-Paramount deal this year, with the streaming service snatching up the international streaming rights for the upcoming Annihilation film, 17[...]


Dear Spike: Time to Move On, Bro — It's Not Her, It's You

It put him on the map, and introduced him to the Paramount Network (known to her friends as "Para") —  that's when things fell apart. started out great, but we all kinda knew he was dating above his pay grade She made him look good: with all of that Trekkie street cred to work off[...]

Tarantino Star Trek

That R-Rated Quentin Tarantino Star Trek Film Just Got a Screenwriter

Remember how we kinda thought that maybe the news about a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek film was a joke? But then we found out there was a writer's room brought together for it, and then the news that there was an R rating attached as per Quentin?Well, it looks like again, this project is not BS, as news[...]

Dungeons & Dragons

Paramount Conjures up a Dungeons & Dragons Film Release Date

Along with a flurry of other release date announcements, Exhibitor Relations today tweeted out that Paramount is moving forward with its Dungeons & Dragons feature film and has an expected opening date: With a release date more than three years downrange, there's little to say that it won't see some adjustments along the way[...]

Micronauts, Untitled Hasbro "Event" Film Get Release Dates

Following up on the release date for the upcoming GI Joe Reboot, Paramount has set dates for more upcoming geek-favorite properties in their new Hasbro universe First up, Micronauts, which will hit theaters on October 16, 2020, following GI Joe's March 2020 release Originally based on the licensed Japanese toy line Microman, Micronauts was given[...]