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Would Triple H Ever Leave WWE To Start His Own Wrestling Company?
 It's been a rough year for Paul Levesque, a.k.a WWE legend Triple H  He saw his position within WWE diminished through some corporate restructuring, his creation NXT was taken over creatively by Vince McMahon and changed almost entirely from Triple H's vision, many of his personally scouted talents have been released by the company, and if that all[...]
Triple H Update: His Health Scare Was More Serious Than Reported
 Now we have more insight into what happened and just how serious it was. WWE legend Triple H, who has been absent since September after needing a cardiac procedure, courtesy of WWE. On this past Sunday's Sunday Night's Main Event podcast, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reported that the health scare suffered by Triple H (real name Paul Levesque) wasn't[...]
D-Generation X WWE Hall of Fame 2019
WWE will induct the six core members of the group: HHH (Paul Levesque), Shawn Michaels (Michael Hickenbottom), "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn (Monty Sopp), "Road Dogg" Jesse James (Brian James), X-Pac (Sean Waltman), and Ninth Wonder of the World, Chyna (Joanie Laurer). WWE can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: D-Generation X's greatest moments: WWE Top 10,[...]