NieR: Automata is Getting Two Theater Productions and a Cafe in Japan

NieR: Automata is Getting Two Theater Productions and a Cafe in Japan

NieR: Automata may not have had the same reception in the western world as it did in Japan, but that doesn't mean this news isn't as interesting as 2B's fashion choices. NieR: Automata was a massive success in Japan and continues to be a fan favorite where it won a Users' Choice prize at the PlayStation Awards 2017. There are two theater productions based on the series under way in Tokyo, along with a cafe serving food and selling merchandise themed on the original game in the series, NieR: Gestalt.

The first of the two theater productions is currently titled "Stage Play Shonen YoRHa Ver1.0" and features an all-male cast. The production will culminate in a paid livestream on Niconico on February 4th. The second production is "Musical Play YoRHA Ver1.2" which is an all-female musical production that will run February 9-13, with a livestream on February 12th.

"Stage Play Shonen YoRHa Ver1.0" is a spinoff of Nier: Automata that follows the backstory of 9S. Like the game, it is set 10,000 years in the future on Earth, where sentient androids fight a futile war they do not understand in the service of a mankind that long ago fled to the moon. Getting more in-depth with that story would be a pretty massive spoiler for the many endings of NieR: Automata, so we'll stop there, but fans of the game might want to check out the stream on Niconico tomorrow. You can find more details on how to watch the stream here.

Now, the original NieR was released in Japan in two separate editions: NieR: Gestalt which was the same edition as the one shipped west, and NieR: Replicant which had the protagonist as a teenager. From now through March 2nd, the two editions of NieR are the theme of the Square Enix Cafe in Tokyo's Akihabara district, complete with exclusive menu options and merchandise.

And because it wouldn't be the Square Enix Cafe without a complete interior overhaul, the whole cafe has been decked out to match the games with blue, white, black, and red taking up the majority of the cafe's color palette.

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