ESRB Listings Reveal NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition

ESRB Listings Reveal NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition

It seems as if the ESRB's ratings list has revealed a game ahead of its official announcement yet again. This time the unlikely revelation targeted Square Enix's NieR: Automata. Based on the ESRB's official website, it appears the game is getting a GOTY edition called NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition.

The YoRHa edition will release on PS4 and PC based on the ESRB page. No details on an Xbox One version are available at this point. Though, the Become as Gods edition did just release in June.

As you might guess, the Game of the YoRHa edition will contain all bonus content for the game. Which in this case is only one DLC. NieR: Automata was rather unique in that case, as DLC  3C3C1D119440927 came with alternate costumes and boss fights. There were never any other published DLC for the game, though its possible the new edition will come with some special new content for an added treat.

Normally game leaks are often viewed with some suspicion, but the ESRB's track record of leaking games is nearly 100% in terms of accuracy.

We played NieR: Automata when it released back in 2017 and found it to be "pretty damn magnificent," and worthy nearly perfect score, coming in at 9.5 out of 10.


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