There is a 50% Chance the NieR Franchise Will Continue After NieR: Automata

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During the NieR: Automata One Year Anniversary Celebration panel at PAX East, Director Yoko Taro, Producer Yosuke Saito, and Composer Keiichi Okabe responded to questions from the audience. The question on everyone's mind: when are we getting another NieR game?

Saito mentioned that there is a 50% chance of the NieR series to be continued with another game, but clarified that the reason that percentage is slow low is because while he wants to work together with the team again, the rest depends on whether Yoko Taro wants to make another game in the series or move on.

Taro mentioned that he actually doesn't like to create sequels, and feels that NieR: Automata was complete in its own right. However, he did mention that because the protagonists are androids, he might be able to turn them into bugs and have a bug fighting game instead. Hopefully that last one was a joke, but you never know with Yoko Taro.

When asked if he'd like to create a game based around the machine war, Taro mentioned that he would but only if the game is a vertical shooter, which sounds both great and terrible. Saito responded by saying they'd start crowdfunding for it, because Saito knows how to call a bluff. However, Taro shut it down by guessing that Square Enix wouldn't give him "any budget for such a game." I'd beg to differ. Square Enix seems pretty sequel and expansion happy right now.

The exchange mostly just goes to show the great working relationship that exists between the NieR team, and it would be a shame for Automata to be the last game they work on.

Things got definitely interesting at the end, as Saito mentioned that he does think that they might be able in the future to "open another door in the NieR universe." He didn't give us any idea of when that will happen or how long it would take, but he does want fans to be ready for it. But hey, maybe we'll see another NieR before we see Kingdom Hearts III.

You can watch the panel in full on the Twitch Archives.

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