Its The End Of The World As We Know It And The CW Feels Fine

It's 'The End Of The World As We Know It', And The CW Feels Fine

In a move that's sure to result in an endless barrage of REM jokes (see above) and painfully overused "witty headlines" from television critics should the series turn out to be less than quality, The CW has has acquired comedy-drama The End Of The World As We Know It from executive producers/showrunners Justin Halpern and[...]

Powerless: DC Honors Adam West By Releasing Unaired Episode (WATCH NOW)

Powerless: DC Honors Adam West By Releasing Unaired Episode (WATCH NOW)

In honor of the passing of the man would always be known as Batman and in response to a growing number of online requests, DC Entertainment has released the unaired episode of NBC’s Powerless featuring a guest appearance by the late Adam West The episode would turn out to be one of his last projects,[...]

Call For NBC To Air Adam Wests Powerless Finale Episode

Call For NBC To Air Adam West's Powerless Finale Episode

Adam West played the role of a voiceover on early episodes of NBC's Powerless But in the season finale, he was to appear as Dean West, chairman of Wayne Industries.Following an attack on Gotham City, Wayne Industries had to make some cuts and Mr West was to visit Charm City to deliver the bad news[...]

Is NBCs Powerless Canceled

Is NBC's Powerless Canceled?

Bad news for people who watched one or two episodes of NBC's Powerless and thought to themselves, "this isn't the worst thing ever Maybe one day when I'm really desperate for something to do, I'll come back and watch more of this." The show has been pulled from NBC's schedule, according to a report from[...]

Todays Essential C2E2 Panel DC Essential Was Basically YKnow Essential

Today's Essential C2E2 Panel, DC Essential, Was Basically, Y'Know, Essential

So when looking in to the panel's choices comic wise, there were perhaps some answers that people weren't aware of. The Benson Sisters really like the Black Canary romance twist and are happy it's coming back into focus in the current rebirth run. Jurgens (and many others) felt like Mike Grell's The Longbow Hunters was it for[...]

Powerless Ron Funches Takes Us On A Tour Of Wayne Securities

Powerless' Ron Funches Takes Us On A Tour Of Wayne Securities

Ron Funches, comedian/actor and @Midnight superstar, leads this set tour of Wayne Securities from Powerless Ron plays Ron (clever casting eh?) one of the inventors for the company who works a lot with Teddy (Danny Pudi) on the inventions that make the company money.. well, the successful ones at least.Powerless Airs Thursdays on NBChttps://youtu.be/GSBUrieUw_A[...]

Emily Discovers The Dangers Of Dating In Charm City

Emily Discovers The Dangers Of Dating In Charm City

Last weeks debut of Powerless on NBC had a few interesting superhero mentions like the appearance of Starro, Crimson Fox and Jack-O-Lantern as well as The Joker and Batman But this week, the ties to Gotham city look to be even stronger as Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) finds a nice guy to date only to discover[...]

Behind The Scenes Of Tonights Powerless Premiere

Behind The Scenes Of Tonight's Powerless Premiere

DC All-Access has some exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews of the cast of Powerless, the new NBC sitcom about regular people living in the DC Universe It's focused around a group of employees at Wayne Security run by Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk), the cousin of the more famous Bruce Wayne The show has gone through a pretty[...]

Powerless Producer Takes Shot At Trumps Sons

Powerless Producer Takes Shot At Trump's Sons

During NBC's turn at the Television Critics Association press tour, they did a presentation for their new DC Comics based series Powerless Executive producer Justin Halpern was describing the relationship between Alan Tudyk's recently named character Van Wayne and his more famous cousin Billionaire Bruce Wayne He compared it to the Rockefellers and a bunch[...]

Vault Comics Powerless Makes Superpowers Less Unique

Vault Comics Powerless Makes Superpowers Less Unique

That is the set-up for Vault Comics new sci-fi series Powerless from writer David Booher and artists Nathan Gooden and Mike Spicer.Seeking a new way to tell stories about people with powers, they succeed in making a moody, dramatic story that does feel unique in its presentation I am a sucker for good sci-fi, and[...]

NBCs Powerless Trailer Featuring Bruce Waynes Cousin

NBC's 'Powerless' Trailer Featuring Bruce Wayne's Cousin

The latest trailer from NBC's upcoming comedy, Powerless, drops a bit more clues around how the characters will be relating to their superhero-filled world around them Con Man's Alan Tudyk plays Van Wayne and is the head of Wayne Security, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises Yup, you read it right, Wayne; Firefly's Wash is[...]

First Official Powerless Teaser Trailer Is Like Whole New Show

First Official Powerless Teaser Trailer Is Like Whole New Show

You might have seen leaked footage or trailers from the original incarnation of NBC's DC Comics sitcom, Powerless, the pilot episode of which was aired at San Diego Comic Con But forget about that The show has recently been revamped, and now there's a new, OFFICIAL teaser trailer for the show.https://twitter.com/NBCPowerless/status/817098376252518400Powerless debuts on February  2[...]

NBCs Superhero Series Powerless Gets Bought Out By Wayne Enterprises

NBC's Superhero Series 'Powerless' Gets Bought Out By Wayne Enterprises

The upcoming NBC office comedy series, Powerless, seems to have had at least one change made since it was originally screened back in July at the San Diego Comic-Con Set within the DC universe, the concept was to have been an insurance company that has the unenviable job of dealing with the fallout of superhero[...]

DC TV Comedy Powerless Gets A Premiere Date

DC TV Comedy "Powerless" Gets A Premiere Date

NBC revealed its mid-season schedule today, and that means we finally have a premiere date for Powerless, the single camera comedy about an insurance company in the DC Universe Starring Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk, and Alan Tudyk, Powerless lost its showrunner and series creator, Ben Queen, in August That hasn't delayed the show,[...]

Wonder Woman and Lex Luthors Ties To Powerless

Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor's Ties To Powerless

In a new video from DC All-Access, we get an idea of just how the new series Powerless will tie to the DC Film Universe as the first claim that Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) is working on is caused by Wonder Woman Also Alan Tudyk explains that the only two books on Del's shelf are[...]

What Heroes Will We See On NBCs Powerless

What Heroes Will We See On NBC's Powerless?

NBC is going to be rolling out the first comedy TV series set in the DC Universe and that leads to the question, which heroes will we get to see on the show? DC All-Access talked with series stars Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi and Alan Tudyk about filming the pilot, what their characters are like […]

DC Superhero Comedy Gets Series Order

DC Superhero Comedy Gets Series Order

According to EW.com, NBC has given a series order to the new comedy series Powerless based in the DC Comics Universe The new series stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi and Christina Kirk Ben Queen is on board as writer and executive producer.The premise of the series has Hudgens as an insurance adjuster specializing[...]