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David Walker on Project Wildfire
Today — September 27, 2021 — is apparently the final order cut off day for the huge new title from Second Sight Publishing and Legends Press Comics, Project Wildfire #1 The solicitations text for the issue is as follows … Project Wildfire #1 SEP211760 (W) Hannibal Tabu (A/CA) Quinn McGowan "Enter Project Torrent," Part One Will Watson the 3rd's[...]
Hannibal Tabu and Quinn McGowan's Project: Wildfire From Second Sight
The other test subjects died, and Watson emerged nearly invulnerable, able to fly and shoot bursts of concussive superheated plasma from his hands and sense the presence of victims of the Wildfire Contagion, which turns everyday people into gigantic kaiju, often threatening the city and its citizens. Hannibal Tabu and Quinn McGowan's Project: Wildfire From Second[...]
Artist Quinn McGowan Talks #WildfireWednesday Season 5
Last Wednesday marked the launch of Season Five of the webcomic Project Wildfire, called Smoke On The Water Project Wildfire is the brainchild of United States Marine Corps veteran turned self-taught comic book artist Quinn McGowan. A veritable Renaissance man — he's performed on hip hop stages opening for KRS-ONE, worked as a tattoo artist, raised[...]