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Top and Bottom 5 Comics of June 20th, 2018: Spider-Man Genuinely Goes Down Swinging

Rivers of London: Water Weed #1This premise seemed promising to me, but the book's bizarrely disjointed story and flightiness with its own characters made this one of the less appealing comics of the week.[caption id="attachment_868549" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Regular Show: 25 Years Later #1 cover by JK Pham[/caption]4 Regular Show: 25 Years Later #1While there were[...]

Regular Show: 25 Years Later #1 cover by JK Pham

Regular Show: 25 Years Later #1 Review – A Bizarre and Misguided Addition to the Canon

However, when they are asked to go out and buy ice for their party, adventure comes out to find them, and it’s a strange one indeed.[caption id="attachment_868549" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Regular Show: 25 Years Later #1 cover by JK Pham[/caption]Regular Show: 25 Years Later #1 has the plot setup and progression one would likely expect from[...]

Check in on Regular Show 25 Years Later: BOOM! Studios June 2018 Solicits

New miniseries, By Night from writer John Allison and artist Christine Larsen, begins, you can hate Mondays once more with Garfield Homecoming, and see how things turn out with Regular Show: 25 Years Later All of this plus Adventure Time, Power Rangers, Planet of the Apes, WWE, and plenty of others are revealed in the Boom! Studios June 2018 solicits[...]

boom! studios may 2018 solicits

The Beginning of the End for Adventure Time: Boom! Studios May 2018 Solicits

5 SC*****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR JULY 2018***** Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios Retail Price: $14.99 Writer: Michael Moreci, Pat Shand, Derek Laufman, Jeffery Brown, Scott Nickel, Steve Foxe, Ryan Cady, Daniela Vicoso, Patrick McEown, Nick Cron-De Vico, Marumiya, Chase Van Weerdhuizen, James Asmus, Jason Cooper, Emei Burrell Artist: Christopher Mitten, Spencer Amundson, Derek[...]

Cyanide And Happiness Wants To Raise Your Kids: Boom February 2018 Solicits

Who—or what—has nabbed Pooky? Featuring all-new stories written by Garfield writer Scott Nickel and illustrated by Antonio Alfaro, as well as a short story written and drawn by Erin Hunting. STEVEN UNIVERSE #13Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios Retail Price: $3.99 Writer: Grace Kraft Artist: Rii Abrego Main Cover: Missy Peña Subscription Cover: Miracle[...]

BOOM! January Solicits: Abbot, Mech Cadet Yu, Adventure Time/Regular Show, And More!

2 SC*****ADVANCE SOLICITED FOR MARCH 2018***** Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios Retail Price: $14.99 Writers: Grace Kraft, Melanie Gillman Artists: Rii Abrego, Meg Omac, Katy Farina Cover Artist: Missy Peña Explore Beach City with Steven, Connie, and the Crystal Gems in this collected edition that includes stories about what Lion does while[...]

An Adventure Time And Regular Show Crossover Is Happening…In The Comics

Hit Cartoon Network series Adventure Time and Regular Show will be getting a comic book crossover series from BOOM! Studios, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly.From the creative team of Conor McCreery and Mattia Di Meo, Adventure Time/Regular Show will see Adventure Time's Finn and Jake travel to the Regular Show universe where they learn[...]

Regular Show To End With Eight Season

The Emmy Award winning Regular Show will be calling it quits after their upcoming eight season One of Cartoon Network Studios longest running series, it was created by JG Quintel back when he was a student at CalArts and was the first project greenlit from the studios' Artist Program in 2008.Regular Show  is about two[...]

Not A Clash Of Kings…A Clash Of Consoles: New Regular Show GN Out This Week

Get excited for a fun new title releasing this week! From KaBOOM!, written by Robert Luckett & Rachel Connor, with art by Ze Burnay, comes a new graphic novel entitled Regular Show: Clash of Consoles This is the third original story from the Regular Show comic, and it’s a funny one.Here’s what it’s all about: “…chaos[...]

Talking Gilbert & Sullivan, The Beano And Regular Show With Laura Howell

By Olly MacNameeFrom The Beano to The Regular Show, Laura Howell has quietly been working to build a career in comics that spans both sides of the pond as well as taking time to offer comic book workshops in schools and libraries around the Midlands here in the UK As a local artist, this interview[...]

Preview Regular Show's 25th Anniversary Issue This Week

Some of which are based on Cartoon Network TV shows such as Adventure Time, and classic comics like Peanuts. This week brings us an anniversary issue of Regular Show with their 25th issue, written by Kevin Church, with art by Mad Rupert In this stand-alone story, Benson gives all Park employees fitness devices to encourage them all[...]

31 Thoughts About 31 Comics – The Walking Dead, Death Of Wolverine, MPH, Batman Eternal, Ms Marvel, Caliban, Constantine, Death Vigil, Velvet, Copperhead, Regular Show, Amazing Spider-Man, Spread, Edge Of Spider-Verse,Thomas Alsop, Rot & Ruin, Suicide Risk, Avengers, Inhuman, Hawkeye, Magneto, Black Market, My Little Pony, Cyanide And Happiness, GI Joe, Hexed, Judge Dredd, Transformers, Teen Dog, TMNT and Wilds End

And anyway, some prefer DIY...Caliban #6 knows its value, even if it's a little shy.The Regular Show original graphic novel, teaches the kids the value of avan onanism Meanwhile, MPH sees our protagonists turn Robin Hood.If only for the PR angle The Death Of Wolverine gives us a look at what it is to be Tony[...]

Disney Orders More Animated Avengers And Hulk

The new season of the Avengers is said to focus on some of the franchises most infamous villains while the Hulk series will kick off their version of "Planet Hulk".And then over at Cartoon Network, they have placed new season orders for Adventure Time, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and Clarence Both Adventure Time[...]

Get The Regular Show And Cartoon Network In Fluxx

By Christopher HeltonNeed more Fluxx in your life? Looney Labs has just the thing the thing for you, then, with new upcoming games of Cartoon Network Fluxx and Regular Show Fluxx to debut at San Diego Comic Con this summer. We're huge fans of Cartoon Network, so we're beyond excited to partner with the network on[...]