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Still, there is a cute unicorn, I can understand the annoyance factor just a little. Over in Rocky & Bullwinkle #4, we get an overly explicit burger order from the pen of Roger Langridge Is it me or is he really writing Walter The Softy from The Beano? In Britain, guns are basically treated like magic[...]
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Talking of folks with stupid bald heads… Nick Fury on the moon as Super Detective in Original Sin #1! And he'll be looking for all sorts of motives… Rocky & Bullwinkle #3 also takes us to the moon and back But with slightly less eye gouging And more governmental austerity measures But I'm not buying it. Exactly[...]
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From the opening issue of the new Batman weekly, Batman Eternal. Say, is it just me or is one of the bad guys here giving quite a good impression of
Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – From X-Files To Sandman And Uber
#6 DC Comics: Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #6 DC Comics: Justice League Dark #29 DC Comics: Aquaman #29 Marvel Comics: Guardians Of The Galaxy #13 Marvel Comics: Silver Surfer #1 Vertigo: Sandman: Overture #2 Marvel Comics: Superior Spider-Man #30 Marvel Comics: Survive #1 Dark Horse: Elfquest: The Final Quest #2 DC Comics: Suicide Squad Amanda Waller #1 Marvel Comics: New Avengers #16 Image: Rat Queens Volume 1:[...]
Watch Me Pull A Comic Out Of My Hat – Rocky & Bullwinkle Return
It's been a long eight months since we first found out that the publisher had teamed up with Bullwinkle Studios and DreamWorks Animation to bring back the Jay Ward classic The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show Now we get to find out the details and the creative team. The first issue will be released in March of 2014 written[...]