Michael B. Jordan Goes For It In Creed Trailer

released the full trailer for the upcoming Rocky spinoff, Creed, staring Michael B Jordan as the son of Apollo Creed and Sylvester Stallone returning to the role of Rocky Balboa once more It seems life hasn't been easy for Adonis Creed, nor have the years been kind to Rocky since the last film, Rocky Balboa[...]

Sylvester Stallone To Return To Rocky And Rambo Franchises

According to his twitter feed, first up is Creed, a film the focuses on the grandson of Apollo Creed who is becoming a boxer with one Rocky Balboa as his trainer.Then he talks about Rambo: Last Blood.. there has been rumors of another Rambo film, but details are still unknown.After that he is set to film[...]

Video: Sylvester Stallone Previews The Rocky Broadway Musical

The musical version of Rocky is headed to Broadway in early 2014 Sylvester Stallone appears in the video pitch for the show along with some bits of scenes - and songs.Yep, that's Rocky: The Musical And I bet you anything this gets made into a feature film within the next three years, five on the[...]

Flim-Flam Man Coming To The Big Screen, 21 Grams' Director Attached

He also wrote a novel, invented a 'jean stretcher,' baked lemon meringue pies, and arranged for ten-year-old Jennifer to see Rocky in an empty theater on Christmas Eve In his reckless pursuit of the American Dream, he could be genuinely good When it came time to pass his phony bills, he targeted Wal-Mart for political[...]

Rocky Is Becoming A Musical – Of Course

For their next project, they are conspiring to bring Rocky to the stage as a musical, subtitled Fight From the Heart.They've apparently also secured the rights to use songs from the films, including Take You Back and Eye of the Tiger I'd imagine they'll be telling just one film's worth of story, however, and Tiger[...]

Real Steel Poster Sticks To The Popular "Show Rocky From Behind" Thing

Gotta love Jackman.And, previously, there were several posters for several Rocky films.These "international" posters that aren't designed to fit quad frames confuse me Are they designed only for online use? Not much of a poster, in that case.Anyhow Today, along comes this "poster" for Real Steel It's the big robot boxing picture[...]