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Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker's Invincible Gets Amazon Adult Animated Series
Invincible, the comic book series created by Kirkman and Cory Walker and drawn by Ryan Ottley, may have just wrapped up in February, but the series is coming back in animated form, part of Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment's deal with Amazon THR reports that Amazon Studios has given a straight-to-series order for an eight-episode season[...]
wwe spoilers
Artist Ryan Ottley posted a photo of his last page of Invincible on Twitter, and it's pretty revealing The long-running series was originally created by Walking Dead mogul Robert Kirkman, the third most famous person ever to come out of Kentucky behind Daniel Boone and Edgar Cayce, along with artist Cory Walker in 2003[...]
Does Superman Have Super Farts?
 But what happens if Superman blows air out of… uh… another orifice? Invincible Artist Ryan Ottley endeavored to answer that question this morning on Twitter: Come on, it's had to have happened, right?! 💨 #morningdoodling #GrowUpOttley pic.twitter.com/B4kyY8T9VK — RYAN OTTLEY (@RyanOttley) December 4, 2016 This is probably why we don't see Superman using his wind power anymore. — RYAN OTTLEY[...]
Because U Demanded It: Todd McFarlane May Bring Back Haunt
Fans of Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman's Haunt, the hit Image Comics series illustrated by Ryan Ottley and Greg Capullo (well, for seven issues, before all four got bored and handed things off to Joe Casey and Nathan Fox), may be excited to learn that Todd McFarlane is maybe, possibly, interested in bringing it back! Well,[...]
Ryan Ottley Talks The Return of Grizzly Shark – But Not Sea Bear!
  2010 saw the release of Ryan Ottley's Grizzly Shark & Sea Bear from Image Comics. Now Grizzly Shark returns, the original stories coloured and kicking off a new series But what news of Sea Bear? Creator Ryan Ottley was less than forthcoming. Rich Johnston: So what the hell happened to Sea Bear? Ryan Ottley: Who? RJ: This was only meant to[...]
Ryan Ottley Previews Pages From Three Upcoming Issues Of Invincible
Ryan Ottley, the artist for Image's Invincible, took to Facebook to show off some of the pages he's been working on Now he doesn't consider these pages spoilers… more of appetizers He also talks about taking writer Robert Kirkman's simple request for a "cool fight scene" and going to town Check out the pages below[...]
Ryan Ottley's Walking Dead #100 Art Hits A High Point
Ryan Ottley is selling his comp copies of the ComiXology retailer variant of Walking Dead #100 for $150 at this booth at San Diego Comic Con Considering copies have sold for $400 and more, it could be quite a bargain. But he is also planning to see the original art, featuring Michonne, both pencils and inks,[...]
Walking Dead #100 Covers By McFarlane, Phillips And Ottley Sell Out
Bleeding Cool understands that three of the eight traditionally distributed covers for The Walking Dead #100 have sold out. The covers by Todd McFarlane, Sean Phillips and Ryan Ottley have all had their print runs fully allocated to retailers and no more orders will be accepted. I understand that even with pre-orders of around 330,000 from[...]
Now Image Comics Has Their Own Comic Con Just Down The Road
You can see the thinking, sat at the Image Comics booth at a variety of comic conventions across North America… all that travelling, all that fuss, all that money – and then you have to share attention with Marvel, DC, Twilight, Robert Downey Jr… what would it be like to have all that attention for[...]