Ryan Ottley Previews Pages From Three Upcoming Issues Of Invincible

Ryan Ottley, the artist for Image's Invincible, took to Facebook to show off some of the pages he's been working on. Now he doesn't consider these pages spoilers… more of appetizers. He also talks about taking writer Robert Kirkman's simple request for a "cool fight scene" and going to town. Check out the pages below and his facebook page for other bits of art and awesomeness.

WARNING! You might consider some of these fight pages from INV 115, 116, and 117 as spoilers. I do not, I see them as more of a preview, an appetizer of sorts. So enjoy. Oh and they are violent and gross too. So…a warning for that too! wink emoticon


I love when Robert says "draw a cool fight scene!" With no panel breakdowns or anything. So here's some pages that I did whatever I wanted on!

I'm always considering power levels when I draw so since I had to figure this scene out from scratch I had to consider Thragg and Battle beasts power levels. I figured Thragg is super quick and strong comparatively so I wanted to show him having the upper hand with speed and strength. But i wanted Battle Beast to have a bite from hell. So I thought it'd be cool to see Thragg get bit as soon as BB got a chance at a close encounter. I thought that would be a LOT cooler than just doing a punch back and forth fight page. And that's how I came up with this page.

The rest of the pages were a little easier, creation wise, basic shots of them fighting back and forth. And another double page spread but this time i chose to do more of a collage than a sequence. The fight happening at different times in different places.

I had two splash pages to draw for 116 so I thought one splash page where Thragg has the upper hand, a splash page fighting above a city because I really wanted to draw that alien city again from an extreme angle. And then the second one BBeast has the upper hand. So of course, I chose to do another bite. Delicious.

So yeah, there's some behind the scenes for Ya. Hope you like.

That colored page is Jean Beaulieu.


RyanOttley1 RyanOttley2 RyanOttley3 RyanOttley4

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