Because U Demanded It: Todd McFarlane May Bring Back Haunt

Fans of Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman's Haunt, the hit Image Comics series illustrated by Ryan Ottley and Greg Capullo (well, for seven issues, before all four got bored and handed things off to Joe Casey and Nathan Fox), may be excited to learn that Todd McFarlane is maybe, possibly, interested in bringing it back! Well, at least that what our friends over at CBR are suggesting as they try their best to get a clickworthy article out of this admittedly non-committal Facebook post from McFarlane:

Though created in 2009, Haunt follows the classic format of the original comics of the Image Founders – draw something that looks kind of like whatever they were working on back at Marvel before they left to start Image. Just as it worked so well for Spawn (Venom),  so did it work for Haunt (Carnage) decades later.

Of course, aesthetics aside, Haunt had a pretty unique backstory. Jericho Drumm returns to Haiti after a twelve year absence to find his brother, Daniel, is dying. Daniel convinces Jericho to learn the ways of Voodoo from his mentor, Papa Jambo. Jericho is a natural at Voodoo, and he becomes a master in a short time. Papa Jambo summons the soul of Jericho's brother Daniel and binds the spirit to Jericho. Then… wait a minute, sorry, that's the backstory of Brother Voodoo. The totally unique backstory of Haunt is that Catholic priest Daniel Kilgore becomes merged with the spirit of his dead secret agent brother, Kurt.

Haunt's first series ran for 28 issues, into 2012. He's appeared in issues of Spawn as well. And now, if we're lucky, Haunt may return. Probably. Maybe. The Facebook post isn't really clear. If you want to see more Haunt, go and let Todd McFarlane know.


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