Despite A Strong Showing, DC Still On The Defensive: Inside Hall H At SDCC Warner Bros. Part 3

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Warner Bros. dropped a bunch of logos on us that had the crowd going insane. We got to see early logos for Shazam, Batgirl, Justice League Dark, Wonder Woman II, Suicide Squad II, The Batman, and The Flash logo turning into Flashpoint. It was a huge information dump, but Warner Bros. didn't give us any release dates on any of the projects.

It was time to talk Aquaman, and star Jason Momoa made an entrance by running through Hall H with a Trident. He was the only member of the cast that was present, but we did get to see a video from director James Wan. We got to see a lot of concept art from various characters, and Wan shared some footage:

We see two old men fishing in the middle of the ocean. One of them hooks a fish that immediately begins to drag the boat through the water. Whatever he had hooked is about to drag them under, when he drops the rod. They look over the edge of the boat and see a giant stingray with lights on it under the water. A shark fin goes by the boat and we dive underwater to see a giant army of ships. An armored shark swims toward the camera and eats it. It was confirmed that these ships belong to the Ocean Master, played by Patrick Wilson. We cut to Momoa swinging a sword and looking at a person off screen, saying, "You don't want to talk about this, do you? Neither do I."

The crowd loved the footage, and fans were hollering by the time it ended. Wan promised to bring more for us next year. Then it was time for the big guns as Warner Bros. brought out (almost) all of the Justice League out for their panel.


Everyone was there, except for Henry CavillZack Snyder, and acting director Joss Whedon. One thing that was interesting was watching Ben Affleck have to go on the defensive to address the rumors that he doesn't want to play Batman anymore. We also got to see that Wonder Woman is clearly the star of the DCEU. She got the biggest applause by a long shot, and the crowd absolutely loved her.

The only people more into this trailer than the audience was Jason Momoa, who triumphantly threw his chair at the screens behind him. The general atmosphere of the DC section of the panel seemed rather positive as fans and critics alike wait to see if the studio can stick the landing in November. When asked about the reshoots, the cast was dismissive and didn't seem to think that it was a big deal. Considering that DC should be doing their victory lap this Comic-Con with Wonder Woman, the entire panel felt like they were still on the defensive. It didn't seem to matter to fans, though, who were very into all of it.

Warner Bros. and DC aren't telling us much about their plans for later on in the series. We thought we'd see some release date announcements considering how many "in production" movies they currently have, but they're keeping that information to themselves. All in all, Warner Bros. fans likely left the panel happy with a Justice League cast that knows how to work a crowd and a few pieces of panel-specific footage.

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