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Watchmen included the Rorschach-worshipping Seventh Kavalry (Image: HBO)
As you can see in the image above, the narrator begins discussing how tough it could be to track the mask back to where it was sold and how it was "a pretty popular costume." It's the last line that's the thread that ties it all together: "Even after Oklahoma." Now for those of you[...]
For everyone else, the message being sent through the Seventh Kavalry is clear: racism is this nation's historical "ultimate super villain", and it's not going to be defeated with a single punch or a random energy blast It's the real world Hydra taken to a nightmarish degree Only by dragging it into the daylight and[...]
Even die-hard Watchmen purists appear to be slowly coming around – as they should. HBO Now we've reached season/series finale "See How They Fly", where the machinations of the Seventh Kavalry-Sen Keene, Lady Trieu, "Calhattan", Adrian, Angela, and Agent Laurie come to a head – as the world of Lindelof's Watchmen comes to an end… and to[...]