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Sideshow Unveils New Breaking Bad Saul Goodman 1/6th Scale Figure

Sideshow Collectibles and Threezero have unveiled their latest 1/6th scale figure from the Breaking Bad collection: Saul Goodman Now you can have a 12-inch Bob Odenkirk standing on your shelf next to Bryan Cranston.Saul is dressed to the nines in his pinstripe suit and wingtip shoes He comes with his gold watch, laptop, briefcase, rolls[...]


Sideshow Unveils Legendary Scale Yoda Figure

Sideshow has just unveiled their newest Legendary Scale figure, and it's from the Star Wars line Want this you will, says Yoda Now they're not specific if this is a 1/3 scale or 1/2 figure, nor really any of the other details.. but they give us a glimpse and a place to sign up for[...]

Michael Rooker

Watch: Michael Rooker Unboxes Sideshow's Baby Groot Figure

Recently he showed up at the Sideshow Collectibles office and joined in on their Sideshow Live recording to do an unboxing of a Baby Groot figure.During his time there, not only did he unbox the very cool-looking figure — which might be a 1/1 scale — but he answered fans questions and told stories about[...]

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Busty Display from Sideshow Collectibles

But how to justify it further? a great idea!Sideshow Collectibles is a specialty manufacturer of movie, film, television and proprietary collectible figures, statues and high end pieces Featuring properties such as Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, The Lord of the Rings, Disney, Predator, G.I Joe and Indiana Jones, Sideshow artisans are sculptors, model makers,[...]

Ghost Rider

Gabriel Luna And Felipe Smith Talk Robbie Reyes, Ghost Rider

We have Felipe Smith, co-creator of Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider for Marvel Comics and Gabriel Luna, the actor who portrayed Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD being interviewed by Sideshow Collectibles as they show off the 1/6th Scale 2017 Toy Fair exclusive Hot Toys Ghost Rider figure based on the[...]


Sideshow Kicks Off New Art Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Line

Sideshow Collectibles has teamed with Marvel Studios to present a new line of limited edition fine art prints featuring concept art and keyframes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe The line will feature images that have appeared in the Marvel Art of Film books, and on promotional teaser posters.The collection will include work by artists Ryan Meinerding[...]


Sideshow Collectibles Kicks Off Their Halloween Spooktacular

Sideshow Collectibles kicks off their 2017 Spooktacular Who doesn't love the month of October? Well, Sideshow really loves the month and they do an annual event that they call Spooktacular where they do a series of product announcements, offer special codes and discounts and do some contests with prizes exclusive to this time of year[...]

Hot Toys Unveils Their New Aquaman 1/6th Scale Figure

Just yesterday I set up my Batman 1/6th scale figure from Hot Toys and Sideshow alongside my Superman and Wonder Woman All three of these are from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and they look pretty impressive together I then thought about the upcoming Justice League movie and that I would so get a[...]


Sideshow To Unveil Aspen Matthews Statue And Print At NYCC

Sideshow has partnered with Aspen Comics to create a new Premium Format Figure based on Aspen Matthews from the company's flagship series Fathom.Created by the late Michael Turner, the character is a marine biologist who discovers she has fantastical aquatic powers that tie into her mysterious past Aspen first appeared in the Fathom Preview from[...]

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Posing Captain Kirk And Mr. Spock 1/6th Scale Figures

That's a pretty accurate depiction of the two characters.As the 1/6th scale figures improve and grow in variety, the art of posing the figures and creating artistic images becomes more and more popular, with a handful of coffee table-style books already out on the market.You can check out the figures from Sideshow and QMx right here[...]


Sideshow To Unveil A New Line Of Spider-Verse Statues At NYCC

Sideshow Collectibles is going to be unveiling a new line of Marvel at this year's New York Comic Con in October The new figures will be 1:5 scale and will focus on the Spider-Verse, with the first pieces being new interpretations of Spider-Gwen, Silk and a yet-to-be revealed Spider-Man based on the designs of artist[...]

Gotham City Nightmare

Sideshow Unveils Gotham City Nightmare Collection

Sideshow Collectibles, home of some of the coolest comic and pop culture related merchandise, is branching out a bit into some unique designs for some very well known characters The company has debuted a new collection called Gotham City Nightmare with the idea of what if you take character from the Batman comics and filter[...]

'Court Of The Dead' Stalks The Living At Sideshow's SDCC Booth

From Bleeding Cool reporter Jimmy Leszczynski:This year, Sideshow's booth (#1929) has transformed itself into a veritable portal to the realm of the dead A giant environment display allows attendees to literally step into the Underworld I stood next to the life-sized version of Death: The Alltaker, and he is more than a little terrifying Reaching out[...]

Hot Toys

Sideshow Collectibles Shows Off Their DC, Marvel And Hot Toys Lines

Sideshow Collectibles is on hand at San Diego Comic Con showing off their new products These three videos below how their DC and Marvel products as well as the line of Hot Toys figures they carry. Sideshow Collectibles is on hand at San Diego Comic Con showing off their new products[...]

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First Look At Exclusive Sideshow Collectibles Available At SDCC '17

As part of the press preview tour of the showfloor before doors open at SDCC 2017, we stopped by the Sideshow Collectibles booth, where they had on display their huge and expansive array of pop culture statues and models ranging from comics, Star Wars, classic cartoons and more.Starting off in the Marvel Studios side of[...]

You Could Win This Awesome Thanos Maquette From Sideshow Collectibles

I'm a big fan of the statues and figures from Sideshow Collectibles, and this particular piece just looks amazing Marvel's Thanos on Throne maquette is a beautiful piece that captures the majesty and power of the Mad Titan To enter to win one in Sideshow's new giveaway, you just have to click this link, enter[...]

For The Honor Of Grayskull – Sideshow Unveils She-Ra Statue

Sideshow has unveiled their newest statue in the Masters of the Universe line Joining He-Man, Skeletor and Evilynn will be She-Ra herself The 20" high statue was designed by Jean-Paul Mavinga, Alex Pascenko, Ian MacDonald and the new Aquaman artist Stjepan Sejic The piece is due out between April 2018 and June 2018 and if[...]

Sideshow Unveils New Zatanna Premium Format Figure

All the talk this weekend may be about Wonder Woman, but Sideshow Collectibles released a new Premium Format Figure for another female icon and it's gorgeous The new Zatanna figure is now available for pre-order from a design by Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau, Alex Pascenko, Zak Roane, Dylan Forman and Kris Anka The figure will ship[...]

Stanley "Artgerm" Lau Redesigns The Gotham Sirens

He has been working with Sideshow Collectibles lately for a new artist series based on the bad girls of Gotham Lau made his version of Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy and high-end collectibles company is turning them into 1:5 scale statues Mixing their classic designs with high fashion, Lau has made unique looking versions[...]