First Look At Exclusive Sideshow Collectibles Available At SDCC '17

As part of the press preview tour of the showfloor before doors open at SDCC 2017, we stopped by the Sideshow Collectibles booth, where they had on display their huge and expansive array of pop culture statues and models ranging from comics, Star Wars, classic cartoons and more.

Starting off in the Marvel Studios side of things, we were shown a number of Thor: Ragnarok statues which, it is safe to say, will definitely contain spoilers for the upcoming fall movie.

Moving onto Guardians of the Galaxy: there were a number of new additions, including a life-sized, fully poseable Baby Groot, which comes with a full wardrobe so you can dress him up in his own little Ravagers uniform.

There was the new Yondu statue from the film, too.

First Look At Exclusive Sideshow Collectibles Available At SDCC '17

As we moved onto Star Wars, it was clear this particular franchise holds a special place in the hearts of the people at Sideshow Collectibles. The level of detail on their Star Wars models — from a Jyn Erso made to look like her pants are getting gradually wetter from rain, to individually weathered chrome on the armour of Captain Phasma — the attention to the smallest elements is frankly mind-blowing.

We were told that it's more than just sculpting that receives this attention to detail, too. Fabric clothes are hand-tailored for the pieces, and where needed adjusted to fit the pose. For example, sleeves may be of different lengths to allow for them to fold in the right way depending on the model's pose.

We also got a first look at the She-Ra and new Evil Lyn sculpts, and the Avengers Assemble line, based on the characters designs from the comics, including the first look at Hulk.

Moving to X-Men: they had an as-yet-unpainted, brand new prototype of the new Wolverine sculpt in the series. Something of particular note was that while the costumes are accurate to the comic designs, they contained incredible minor details elaborated upon from the comics, such as piping, ribbing, and textures not seen in the source material.

More so, these sculpts stand on the wrecked and ruined pieces of a downed Sentinel. It was revealed to us that Sideshow actually designed and built their own Sentinel, and then broke it apart for the characters to stand on…which implies there will definitely be more sculptures to come.

We also got a first look at a Wonder Woman sculpt based on her recent movie appearance, as well as a brand-new Batwoman sculpt. Sideshow revealed another incredible detail around that latter sculpt in that the cape is wired, allowing fans to pose it exactly how they want. It's something they've only recently started doing with their caped sculpts, but it's a small element that adds an immensity of new dimensions to their pieces.

Finally, we ended on an incredible sculpture of Swamp Thing. This is an early prototype awaiting final approval, so you can see it at SDCC before anywhere else. The sculpture, amazingly, was entirely made via traditional methods; no digital sculpting at all.

Sideshow Collectibles' statues continue to be most astonishing, desirable and elaborate that can be found, and these new sculpts are certainly no different.

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