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Sideshow Returns to the Beginning With New  Batman Begins Statue
Christian Bale's Batman is back as Sideshow reveals their newest Premium Format Figure collectible Coming out of Batman Begins, this 25.75" tall statue captures the live action batsuit straight from the film The cape will be made of fabric as well as wired, allowing fans to display it have they choose The matte black finish[...]
Where Is The Sideshow Spider-Man and Mary Jane Maquette? Is It Wet?
Erin Fury of collectables manufacturer Sideshow had a sad tale to tell about the due-to-be-released Spider-Man and Mary Jane Maquette, based on the work of J Scott Campbell, in a letter sent to expectant retailers. In early December, a cargo ship carrying Sideshow product encountered a significant weather event This event resulted in nearly a third[...]
Frank Tieri Writes New Court Of The Dead Graphic Novel For Sideshow
Tom Gilliland has led the creative direction of Sideshow Collectibles for the last 17 years He also created a property for the statue collectors, Court of the Dead The world of the Court of the Dead revolves around Death, a mysterious overlord who seeks to redefine the laws of the afterlife Focused on one purpose,[...]
If Amerang Matched Diamond UK's Prices on DC Direct They'd Lose Money
We had previously been told that, with the rest of Europe, the UK would now use Sideshow as a distributor of DC Direct titles, coming direct from the US We also reported concern from retailers as a result of not amortising shipping like Diamond UK used to, that the prices they were charged were far[...]
Amerang to Distribute DC Direct Statues and Toys to UK Comic Stores
UPDATE: Contrary to Amerang's press releases, Bleeding Cool has now been informed that Amerang will only be subdistributing DC Direct items from Sideshow, so Amerang is not a direct DC Direct distributor as reported below The original article runs below with claims struck out. Bleeding Cool has been told by DC representatives that we were instrumental[...]
"Gremlins" Stripe Arrives with New Statue from Ikon Collectibles
From Ikon Collectibles and Sideshow we are getting the leader of that bad batch, Spike This white haired Mohawk badass is ready to create some chaos This statue is 1foot and 6 inches tall and features the Spike with a chainsaw The detail on this piece is defiantly something special and you can easily see[...]
Black Widow Takes Aim in the New Sideshow Collectible Statue
Sideshow Collectibles has announced their newest Black Widow statue from their avengers assemble series The statue showcases Black Widow holding a sniper rifle perched up debris The design of this statue seems more cartooney and animated rather than a more realistic style statue but I still love the look of it There will be two[...]
Gambit Enters the Danger Room with New Sideshow Collectible Statue 
But until that day come we get this statue! Sideshow Collectible is throwing some cards with this one, we get Gambit that comes with two different versions This 21" night statue showcases Gambit throwing his kinetically charged cards He also seems to be in the Danger Room and he has his iconic staff in hand[...]
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Wolverine is the best at what he does! Since his first cover appearance in Hulk #181, people have been fascinated with this Canadian badass! Sideshow Collectibles has announced a new 9" Wolverine bust statue that is a beast! It shows off his aggressive face and his extended claws His costume is a great choice because[...]
Return to the past with New Bill and Ted Figures
Bill and Ted are back at it again but instead of teleporting to the past, they are teleporting to your shelves! Sideshow and Blitzway are doing it again dudes, and this time bring us a sixth scale Bill and Ted figures Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is another cult classic starring the famous Keanu Reeves[...]
Daredevil Arrives with New Statue by Sideshow/Iron Studios.
Daredevil or should we say the Devil of Hell's Kitchen has arrived! Sideshow Collectibles and Iron Studios team up once again to bring you to think beautifully hand-painted 23" tall statue The statue showcases Daredevil is his iconic red costume The background and stand show off the feel of the Daredevil landscape The base shows[...]
"The Mask Of Zorro" Returns Once Again With New Sideshow Figure
This figure is based on the 1998 movie The Mask of Zorro featuring Antonio Banderas. This sixth scale figure is from Blitzway and Sideshow and features very realistic features of Antonio, it's oddly quite uncanny Zorro comes with two heads, one masked and one unmasked, and each one shows off Zorro's iconic facial features[...]
Check Out Sideshow Collectables New X-Men Rogue Maquette
Sideshow Collectables has just announced (and released photos) for their new X-Men Rogue maquette, complete with two different heads The collector's edition of our favorite Marvel southern belle features straight brown with a shock of white hair, as well as the signature green and yellow uniform complete with leather jacket The Exclusive Edition of the[...]
Star Wars Boba Fett Mythos Figure 4
Boba Fett is the newest figure from Sideshow Collectibles and their Star Wars Mythos series These are reimaginings of sorts, placing characters into poses and with deco that they may have not worn before The Obi-Wan one sold out fast and looked incredible, and this one is no different This comes with all the accessories[...]
Hot Toys SDCC Exclusive Anakin Skywalker 11
Topping it off are his removable Jedi robe and nine interchangeable hands. This release will be available at the Sideshow Collectibles booth at SDCC Check out pics and full details below! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ "You underestimate my power!" –[...]